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12 Keys to Living Without Stress

Living without stress means more living with more happiness.

Personally, I have had moments in my life where stress has been incredibly overwhelming.

It’s hard to think of being happy with so many things on top (I guess you know what I mean).

Today I want to give you 12 ideas that I have applied to live without stress and to achieve greater well-being, still achieving my goals.

1. Simplifies

Why have things you do not use? Why use your time to do things that have no value to you? Our day is full of objects, situations and even people that are expendable.

Make your life as simple as possible, and you will win in inner peace.

Only putting aside the insignificant things and being able to focus on what is vital.

2. Get Organized

The next step to simplify is to organize yourself.

The first step is to order the world around you, to be functional and practical.

The second step is to control your time: plan.


3. Focus on yourself

If you have a lot of things to do and you are not clear where to start your tasks can seem so difficult to finish that you are discouraged from starting.

In these cases, try the following method:

Focus on choosing the most important urgent task and finish it. When you are performing this task, focus exclusively on it 100%.

When you finish chooses the next and focuses 100% on it and so on.

Go step by step and before you know it you will have done with everything!

4. Practice Optimism

Practicing optimism helps you address any situation in your life more positively.

The easiest way to practice optimism is to start the day writing things you can thank your life or your positive qualities.

Usually, people who are stressed are very negative.

Living without stress can be achieved primarily by just changing your attitude.

5. Distances

Sometimes we immerse ourselves so much in the studies or the work, that we identify with them and we happen to turn the school or labor problems into personal problems that prevent us from living a full life.

That is why it is useful to take distance asking yourself will this matter in a year?

An effective strategy to distance yourself from work problems is to make use of your free time to do activities that excite you, especially if it is in a group, as this helps you to take care of your problems at work, which happen to be in the background.

6. Healthy Habits

What are healthy habits?

  • Eating in moderation
  • Do not eat sweets (regularly)
  • Do not consume drugs
  • Exercise every day
  • Sleep well

… And much more.

7. Get to Know You

Understanding when, how and why you suffer from stress is the first step in solving it.

During the past year, I used my diary to write down at the end of the day all the stressful moments and look for ways to prevent or avoid it.

Try starting your “stress diary” if stress is an important part of your routine.

Spend a few minutes each day collecting in writing all the stressful moments you have suffered during the day and look for solutions to avoid repeating the same situation next time.

8. Improve Your Self-Esteem

Improving your self-esteem is improving your relationship with yourself.

If you improve your self-esteem, your performance in all areas of your life will improve and therefore it will be harder to stress.

9. Assumes responsibility

Taking responsibility means understanding that you are the owner and responsible for your destiny, that getting what you want depends only on your actions and that the excuses will not lead you to get what you want.

10. Take care of your money

Money causes stress … when you do not have it.

There are four core competencies to manage your money in your favor:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase your income
  • Invest to Expand
  • Simplify your life

11. Emotional Intelligence

An essential ability to lead a life without stress is to recognize it and return to a calm situation.

Since in an alarming situation it is harder to understand your feelings, this requires practice.

In what state is your body when you are stressed? Identify tension, repetitive movements, sweat, cold and shaky voice.

A simple method to calm yourself in a stressful situation is to imagine some sensation that you like.

Imagine: The smell of your favorite perfume, your favorite song or the taste of food that you like.

12. Maintain Positive Relationships

Take care of relationships with your friends, family and partner.

A good relationship is one that allows you to communicate and share and is based on mutual trust and respect.

Also, when you manage to live without stress, you infect others with a right attitude.

I hope that you can put these ideas into practice and that they will indeed bring about positive change in your life.

It is up to you to become happier and more comfortable and make stress a thing of the past.

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