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How to avoid relapse in anxiety?

It is very common that distresses us think that after cure of anxiety it can return, and this makes no finish to heal or when as we did, back feelings simply for fear that again, say that we ourselves the generated therefore, so here I share what to do to avoid relapse.

On the one hand, if you recaes, for now you know how to stop you

Remember that there are no setbacks, but relapses. And start, it is important to reflect on that if any recaes day, you’ll know what it feels like and you know out of that, and will not be the end of the world. Moreover, as already you overcame anxiety once, surely you will feel much stronger and much faster over it.

Why you would not fall so strong again

If you know the things that cause anxiety and you know yourself and you know keep balance in your life, why you would not have to experience anxiety peaks again. The problem is that sometimes we believe that anxiety is equal to panic and feel in crisis, but not anxiety begins slowly, will germinating, be installed in you because you do not make a stop in your life, then … if you learn to do high constantly and bring order where you need to put it, you do not have to come to warn you so strong.

avoid relapse in anxiety

Of course you can come back to tell something, but my point is that it does not have to become a panic attack or something you your life impossible, let alone something that will last for long.

Here you go the most important points to prevent relapses.

Locate your high stress signals

We know that it is stress that becomes anxious, so the first thing is that you know yourself and know how your body sends you signals of high stress, before passing anxiety.

For example, my signs are headache, tremor in his left eye, jaw tension, foot cramp, thirst, or irritability with my partner.

And these signals go from less to more, obviously when I get the foot cramp is because I already “did guage” and did not hear the headache.

Then, make a list of all the symptoms that your body or your emotions can you send, that you think are signs or warnings that already have a lot of stress, and Put them an order of less to more, so do not let yourself move over half.

Make a stop

Once you identified your body and you’re wanting to say something … is likely to say “ah, it’s nothing, it is an insignificant gastritis, keep doing what I’m doing.” And it is precisely the opposite that the slightest sign of your body do you evaluate high and the following points:

  • what pressure I have been generating
  • what I’m thinking negative thoughts
  • what I have neglected my body
  • what things I need’m avoiding face
  • what emotions I’m keeping

And once you find the answer, do something about it.


It is also likely that your body is building up the pressure and tension, so to prevent relapse of anxiety, is a fact you need to make some regular exercise in your life, not as an obligation or something to lose weight as we understand, but as an activity that you enjoy and that will generate endorphins and pleasure, because nothing would make one hour of gym if you hate being there and you feel pressured.

Find a sport or exercise you like, there are many! Something new test. Personally, in squash it is where most stress libero, swimming is to finish relax, and then there is the yoga keeps me in balance. Whatever you like, do it, no matter that does not serve to lose weight or is not fashionable, just train yourself.

Ten withdrawals

It not based on what the information is going to tell, but supposedly as humans, we need to make a retreat in our lives every 3 or 4 months. That is, 3 or 4 times a year you pause your activities and get away from your everyday life to reacquaint yourself with your partner, your family, your life, what you do, who you are…

Forget the excuses economic or work, remember that you are not a victim of any circumstances, you can always negotiate and find ways to have these moments with you. Even a weekend in which you isolate yourself to your favorite place, but keep these moments where you can think and feel, so that returning to your daily life with renewed batteries do.

Talk to someone

If you know a little about the profile of the people who tend to anxiety, you should know that we are usually reserved in our emotions and inner anguish, but this is something that does not help us in the least. We need to talk about what we feel because that is where we connect with others and where we empty so intensely, if you have someone you trust, go to therapy even once a month, but please do not keep everything you feel. If plane is not an option for you, then write what you think and feel, so scrub, this may be once a week.

Do not give him entrance into your life…

There are things that simply we cannot afford, not because we have the predisposition to anxiety, but because anyone hurts, and that is:

  • live in a hurry, daily for more than a month
  • harboring concerns unresolved for more than a week
  • stop eating or drinking water for long periods of time
  • keep awake partying, abusing substances, for more than 6 months
  • devote to caring for others without stopping, without rest times for you
  • work and work and work out your hour later, for more than 6 months
  • see negative news, talk about them in the day, think about them before bed and not to allow for more than one day
  • dedicate yourself to do anything but what you want

Know yourself and be honest with

I think it comes down to you to be honest with yourself and know what things you create stress in your life and how you show that ubiques those things to prove and do not let you spend more time without you doing something about it. Is it suddenly lost balance and allotment, but the idea is not something constant.

Do the following exercise?

Write on a piece whatever you can think of in response to:

What do I need to keep in balance?

And the answers you get will be your answer to prevent relapse of anxiety.

Recognizes that life changes

It may be that one day will generate imbalance, another day and he does not, and what you previously generated, after already does. Therefore it is important to have an open mind and listen to your body constantly, being in contact with him (that’s how mindfulness), so that if one day there is a new message to hear, do not wait until you have to scream.

Take away the power of fear

If you overcome anxiety, and you saw that the soil does not happen … then the next time you start feeling, and you know it’s not dangerous, so by taking away the power of fear, feelings radically diminish its intensity, be smaller or larger.

My experience with relapses

I can tell you that after the crisis panic attack that lasted me about 4 months, I have not had to experience that fear and that depersonalization, for it is true, to feel anxiety does not hurt me, do not kill me or I would crazy, then in principle to no longer be afraid, I’ve taken his power over me.

On the other hand, yes I again feel tachycardia (2 times), and yes again had an anxiety attack where I felt I was out of breath, but being totally honest with me were two moments in my life when not me I was listening. And again it was by hormonal changes during pregnancy was going well is that there is simply feeling and let it happen.

In conclusion

Remember that anxiety, being a warning or knock us care for us, start little by little, and if we listen to ourselves, we would not have why to fall back, at least not as strong.

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