Mental Spa to overcome anxiety, stress and depression

You are familiar with these situations?

“I spend the day thinking and mulling over everything”
I do not control my mind … She controls me!”
“Anxiety and Stress could be my second surnames …”
“Sometimes I think so in the future that my head explodes”
I spend many nights of melancholy stuck in the past”
“I have an inner critic that continues to make me feel bad”

Paradoxically, we live in a Western world where seemingly has everything we need to be happy and live well, and yet many of us suffer on daily times of stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction and depression. And the more we try to control those emotions more haywire. We suggest visiting Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan.

While it is true that a certain level of stress and dissatisfaction is positive and even necessary to motivate us to work better, to change and evolve as people, the fact remains that the lack of control of our thoughts and moods make us serious psychological problems and emotional.

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety, stress and depression When stress is too many people get scared to believe that they will go crazy, because they feel unable to control their emotions.

Given these everyday situations, we will explain a number of techniques to combat these negative moods. Take a funny name; let’s call them “Mental Spa techniques.” Spa is places of relaxation, right? So, let’s look at four mind control techniques to relax and re-take control of your mind and your emotions:

  1. STOP.
    Recognize your CURRENT STATUS

“You have thoughts … but you are not your thoughts;
and you have emotions … but you are not your emotions”

One of the biggest problems is identifying too much with our thoughts and momentary moods: if we feel good, we have self-esteem, if we feel bad; we think something bad in us. This is a mistake. Having anxiety or depression is like having stomach pain. When you have stomach pain you do not feel like eating anything, even your favorite dish will produce rejection. The same is true when one is scratched or depressed: you are not able to live in the moment and enjoy things. However, when the stomach pain is passed, the food again has a great flavor. In the same way that when you pass the “striped” or “melancholy” life returns to “know well”, enjoy things and we were happy.

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety, stress and depression

So the first key to enter our “Spa Mental Personal” is misidentifying of our thoughts and emotions, realize and passengers are more important than just should not give them.

And once we realize that we are verging too, simply we have to return to the present, the here and now.


The mind uses habits and behavior patterns in order to function, puts the “autopilot” to save energy and be more effective. When these habits are positive, they make our life easier and more effective. But when they are negative, we were anchored in loops and end we turn in circles.

Negative habits can be: excessive self-criticism, complaint, laziness, isolation, self-absorption, dispersion, judgments and anger…

So the only way to control these negative trends is to realize what we are doing, and break these habits subconscious doing different things.

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety

“If you do what you’ve always done,
you get what you always got”

For example, if you are about to explode with anger, rather than get to scream, quickly out of the house and take a walk in the park. When you are calm returns home and face problems more calmly.

Another example: If you catch yourself judging, remember that you are your best friend. And best friends are not insulted or told things as ugly as you say to yourself. So, change the language and Treat yourself with more compassion when you make a mistake. And instead of judging, get motivated and encourage getting the best out of yourself.


It is proved that the rate of breathing is the best mental and emotional thermostat. All meditation techniques (Yoga, Zen Buddhism, Mindfulness …) put breath as the key technique for relaxation.

Become aware of your breathing helps us take control of us instantly same.

“Before exploiting anger, breathe deeply 10 times”, this is the typical advice that works.

“If you’re very stressed, breathe and when you calmer return to work or study,” is a phrase we’ve heard a thousand times, and that is also true. Visit waxing center in Manhattan to get best care of waxing.

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety

And the truth is that this breathing works. And it works very well. So, I propose you to create your mini daily Mental Spas: during working hours set a goal to take a little break of 2 minutes every two hours.

In this meditation 2 minutes do not need to close your eyes, just stop what you’re doing, look at the sky through the window and concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply for 2 minutes.

During these two minutes you have to let your thoughts and emotions as if clouds in the sky were addressed. If your mind go ideas, let them fly and go.

They are 2 minutes to not think, to relax, to live in the moment and be at peace.

As we pause when we get tired physically, we need to pause when we are with a lot of mental activity.

When I worked in consulting a few years ago, my office was on the 31st floor of the Torre Picasso, Azca in Madrid, and through the windows the whole city looked. It was an impressive landscape. And as I spent all day in front of a computer, occasionally I needed to stop and stop looking at the screen. So, I stood a moment in my chair, I would drink a glass of water, and as he drank I relaxed watching the scenery through the windows.

They were two-minute pauses that made me feel alive; I recomposed internally and gave me renewed strength to face the work.


This is one of my favorite techniques because it is one of the most powerful. To cut the internal dialogues and negative emotions, stop looking down, he looks up and eyes directed forward.

Mental Spa to overcome anxiety2

Why this technique works so well? Because neuroscience has shown that eye movements are linked to an area of our brain:

– When we look up, our brain access visualizations
– When we look sideways, our brain access sounds and words
– When we look down, our brain accesses thoughts and feelings

So, how do people get depressed and scratched? When you are looking down for long.

Of echo, laughter reminds us because psychotic typically is walking down the street and talking loudly him alone, And where is watching? Down! They are walking and looking down. They have an internal dialogue so that even exacerbated them out loud.

When people get depressed or we become anxious, we get into loops and vicious circles of negative thinking and feeling bad, and physical and neurological level we get worse the situation when we were looking down.

So, if you want to leave loops nervousness, anxiety, depression and sadness, first thing to do is lift your head and look forward!

When you go walking down the street, it is good that you realize where you look. And if you get it looking down … he looks up with a smile!

Look forward and rediscover the world, it is the best technique of Mental Spa.

For some reason the key to human evolution was to go from being quadrupedal apes we passed the day at the floor, to be bipedal humans we could look ahead and see the world. Finally we recommended spa gift certificates in NYC and Best cheap electrolysis in manhattan to know more details.

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