What You Should Know About International Ministry

If you are interested in serving in an international ministry, there are many options. For example, you can look for Campus-based, Ethnic-centric, or Cooperative organizations. You’ll also find many international ministry Lemon Grove, CA, that offers English as a Second Language program. However, when seeking an ISM, the first thing to remember is that friendship is very important. Especially in many other cultures, friendship means so much.


International Ministries is a network of strategic programs designed to meet the needs of missionaries and their national fellowships. IM missionaries help them develop training and materials that will enable them to serve their fellow churchgoers. These programs use print resources, one-on-one training, and innovative technologies. Their goal is to serve the poor, empower the church, and transform lives. 


Depending on the school, volunteer core, and the number of international students involved, there are many different models for campus-based international ministry. However, there are three broad categories: church-based, cooperative, and international. Church-based ministries serve international students and serve to share the gospel with them. Local churches and church communities generally lead them. Campus-based international ministries offer various programs, services, and opportunities for international students to become involved.

One of the main goals of campus-based international ministry is to help young people understand God’s love and call. In addition, campus-based ministry teams aim to promote a Christian worldview and help students develop and implement new ways to spread the gospel worldwide. Many programs are hands-on and rely on volunteer talent and energy. 


Many churches and Christian groups are increasingly embracing missional, multicultural, and ethnic-centric ministries. These initiatives empower Christians to reach out to the world from different ethnic backgrounds, and they can also coexist harmoniously with non-Christian neighbors and friends. A missional organization should offer a combination of missional and cultural elements to be effective.

An ethnically-centric government encourages greater trust in political authority. Public opinion surveys indicate that political elites often support ethnic-based governments. While international and domestic leaders often promote the notion of ethnic security, public opinion polls reveal that it has a deep impact on local perceptions of threats. Municipal budgets often fund public events that aim to inflame ethnic tensions. 

Cooperative ministry

Churches worldwide have used cooperative programs to reach people for Christ, and you can participate in one, too. Many churches are involved in the Cooperative Program so that you can find a ministry near you. If you’re interested in joining a cooperative program you need to choose a country that needs missionaries.

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