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How to combine makeup with hair color

Often find a makeup that we like and combine perfectly with our features and hair color, is often a challenge, because many times in the search to improve our imperfections, we choose makeup that does not feel very good and for the otherwise, they are against the color of the dye we have chosen. We tell you how to combine makeup with hair color.

Make-up for shades of medium and blond hair

makeup with hair color

As a general rule, women who have blond or light brown hair usually have lighter skins. They allow to sharpen facial features and look very nice regardless of the haircut. In these occasions it is best to opt for soft makeup that provide color, like the sun powders, that allow a healthy way, to wear a tanned skin, should be applied in the area of ​​the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin carefully. The shadows that favor light hair, are preferably those with pearly or shiny finishes, which bring luminosity, and accept all color palettes. As for blusher, it is better to prefer those in soft shades such as beige or pink, and for lips, gloss and gloss, in light tones they adapt to perfection as they provide accentuating the size of them. What color is? Rosa, fuchsia and peach are the favorites in this season.

Make-up for shades of brown and dark hair

combine makeup with hair color

The darkest hair belongs to photo types of medium to dark brown, chestnut, mahogany, and even black, can make a face look perfectly if we choose the makeup correctly. In this case,  it is always better to opt for a base tone of neutral makeup , and then complement it with a lighter one in the areas where you want to bring luminosity, especially in the chin, chin, and upper part of the cheekbones. For the shades strong colors are accepted, which highlight the look, Smokey eyes are fashionable today, but shades of tones such as plum, mauve, gray, black complemented with roses, or celestial, are perfect options, for this type of hair. The lips and rouge, so as not to appear too much make-up, should be in shades of mauve, granite, or burgundy, which will help to highlight the features, without attracting too much attention.

What makeup to use according to hair color?

best makeup with hair color

Blonde hair

Blonde hair is one of the most grateful when it comes to choosing makeup, since it favors almost everything. In this case, what we recommend is to take into account your  skin color . Normally, blondes have white skin, so the best makeup will be one that brings color to the face. A base in beige or sand to lift the natural color of the skin. For the  eyes , they go well different tonalities: earth, green or blue colors (discrete, please, we do not want to look like a peacock). For the  cheeks , pink or orange tones (peach, coral …) and the same for the  lips.

  • First of all, determine your hair color, whether natural or dye. Platinum blond hair favor those with fair skin .
  • Generally, blondes should wear beige or sandy makeup to avoid looking so pale. The corrector and the bases will be your best allies if you want to see yourself perfect, besides helping you to hide imperfections.
  • As for the eyes , they will be the ones that must make the difference. If you have green or blue / blue eyes, look for eggplant or vanilla shades. Use black or dark brown eyeliner. If you have brown eyes or honey, try golden, light green or vanilla. The mascara can never be missing, it can be black or brown. And do not forget the eyebrows! Give them shape and if you dye your hair, remember to do the same with this area of ​​the face.

Red hair

discover makeup with hair color

In this case, we recommend light-colored bases, with  eyes in earth tones. As in the case of blondes, for  cheeks we can use shades such as pink, coral or peach. For the  lips , try a red for the night and a beige for the day. The eyelashes, if possible, leave them in a natural tone: black lashes and red hair do not combine anything well.

Brown hair

The chestnut admits everything: from more intense makeups to more natural ones. If you had to opt for a single look, light shades and gold are a great option. For the eyes , it will depend on their own color: if they are clear, we can opt for bluish tones, while if they are dark, in gold or brown they will be great.

  • First of all, define what type of chestnut you are: ash or neutral tone (cold) or golden touches (warm). The skin may be lighter or darker, so, you must also pay attention to this point.
  • As a first step, choose a beige or pink base. As for the makeup for the eyes, it will depend if you are cold or warm type. Women with light eyes feel better the violet, blue, vanilla tones. Honey-colored, better coffee, green or gold. The delineated “cat’s eye” looks perfect. Remember to keep your eyebrows in good condition.

Clear cheeks work wonders with orange, brown and peach blush. And on the lips, golden glitters like rose or salmon (day), scarlet and orange (night). The dark cheeks should use pink blushes and for the lips, red, fuchsia and wine. Avoid everything that does not match your eyes or your skin. Do not use your lips and eyes with the same tone.

Black hair

In the case of black hair, we must be careful because excessive makeup will harden our features and will not favor us. In this case, soft makeup’s for example in light pink shades or simply with an illumination. For the  eyes , also soft colors; the same on the  cheeks . Pink will be your best ally.

  • The foundation is very important. If you are very white, choose pink or beige tones to not look pale. If you are brown or tanned, use illuminating powders, for example.
  • As for the eyes, baste on the color, but always choose tones clear and delineated neat. If they are blue or green, you prefer gray, vanilla, black or brown. If they are dark, better chocolate, mauve, beige or green. Attention with the eyebrows, do not mark them with dark pencils if you have white skin.
  • The perfect color for your cheeks is pink. For lips bright pink, cherry, red, fuchsia and burgundy. Avoid heavy makeup for the eyes or thick eyelids, also shades of fuchsia, yellow or apple green.

Ginger hair

the makeup with hair color

If you have hair of this color, do not think that you will lack alternatives to make up. On the contrary! The key is to concentrate on the tone of the hair but not leave the skin or eyes aside. There are different types of redheads, if you are rather orange hair is one thing and if it is more mahogany, something totally different. It will also depend on your skin tone and whether it is natural or dyed. If the redhead is natural, then you will have freckles. Do not want to cover them because that could make your look worse. It is best to use a small layer of liquid concealer or moisturizers with color. If you have dyed a dark red, avoid brown or orange bases. Make up your eyes according to their color. Always remember to outline and apply neutral shade. If you want your hair to be the center of attention, use earth tones. For the night, purple, lavender or copper. Keep your eyebrows sharp, especially if you have little hair.

The cheeks can be applied with blush in peach, coral or pink cream. If you have a darker shade, you can use pink or violet. The lipsticks are always clear for day and night you can encourage to use plum, magenta, red and fuchsia. Avoid orange and very light pink, as well as brown or gray and black masks.

Grey hair

If you do not want to cover the gray hair, you can also learn how to make up to highlight your qualities. Use illumination so that your skin does not look dull, it has a light base, the same shade of eyes that you used before. You can resort to blue or lead for nocturnal events or gray, green and brown for the day. For the cheeks, pink or peach tones. For the lips, red, magenta and wine. Avoid bases with ash undertones or wear very tanned skin.

 Finally, depending on the tone of hair you have, a color or type of makeup will look better on your face. Know in the following article which are the best options considering your hair. What makeup to use according to hair color? The other day we told you how important it is to decide the  haircut according to the shape of our face. Today we give you a new beauty trick and we help you decide how to paint your face according to your hair. And is that, believe it or not,  makeup with hair color are two values ​​that are closely related. Not all face types have the same makeup; neither, to all types of hair. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide for colors for makeup and hair color relationships and always look gorgeous.

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