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How to Love Someone With Anxiety? 11 Practical Tips

Anxiety is not a behavior or a mere whim that some have. It is really a disorder that millions of people suffer around the world, and that makes us think a thousand times the same thing. We feel insecure, afraid, but then we calm down. But then our mind attacks us again with scenarios that sometimes make us doubt too much of something that seems to be simple. In couple relationships, it is almost the same. In this article, we will tell how to love someone with anxiety.

How to love someone with anxiety?

When we love someone, we live with the eternal fear of failing and losing that person, to the point that even our own mind fills us with insecurities. However, despite all that, believe me, that it is worth loving someone with anxiety, it is likely that you do not know anyone else who makes you feel as loved as someone with this condition. Although, first, you need to understand some things.

how to love someone with anxiety

1. No, there is no cure

If there really was a cure, believe me, that nobody would have anxiety anymore. If there was a way of not feeling fear or preventing our heart from accelerating all the time, obviously, we would have already solved it. But no, there is no cure; you simply learn to live with anxiety and calm it. And, most importantly, when you have the support of those around you, things can improve, especially if your partner understands you.

2. Show your love by having patience

Understanding, support and, above all, patience can be the best gift you can give someone anxiously. Not causing their insecurity is something that is always appreciated, especially if we tend to believe that we overwhelm you or get tired of us.

3. Always try to do his best

We don’t always get carried away by anxiety. Although, when we cannot control it, we learn to notice each moment and each reaction, and then give our best in order to make things work and, above all, that the relationship continues to have that special connection.

4. It cannot always be controlled

We will not always be able to control our anxiety. We will not always be able to curb our fears. How would you do it if your mind attacked you all the time? That is what we feel. Therefore sometimes it is necessary that you understand us, support us and, better, help us to distract ourselves from calming down. Your support is essential.

5. Sometimes he wants to be alone, but sometimes he doesn’t

Sometimes we want to be given our space, but other times we are afraid of being left alone. We will not always say it, but, believe me, when someone with anxiety tells you that they need you, never hesitate to comply. If he tells you it is because he trusts you fully.

6. Sometimes you will unleash your partner’s anxiety

It’s nothing personal, but believe me that a relationship enhances anxiety a bit . Especially when we need to know how to act in certain situations or when we discuss with our partner and we don’t know what to do because we fear losing it. It is not your fault, of course not, it is simply our insecurity. Instead of getting angry or feeling offended, be patient and tell us that nothing bad will happen and that you are still by our side.

7. He did not choose to have anxiety

If anxiety were an option, no one would choose to have it. No one would like to have anxiety most of the day. So no, don’t think it’s just a whim.

8. Each person manifests anxiety differently

Anxiety manifests itself in different ways, depending on the personality of each one. There are those who manage to calm her down by reading a book, others drinking tea and chatting with friends, others sleeping, and others laughing with someone. Each person is different, learn to know them well and discover how they can calm their anxiety.

9. Sometimes you will not understand his personality and you will bother

There will be times when you will not know if your partner is too complicated or if something is really wrong. Sometimes you will bother her with her attitude, or because she asks you too many times how much you love her and if you still do it. Do not bother, try to calm down, have your space and analyze things well.

10. Although at the same time you will feel highly understood and supported by your partner

A person with anxiety loves with all his strength. To the point of loving you as if there were no other days to do it. He will support you in all and, even, will be the first person to comfort you when you have a bad day because what he least wants is to see you suffer because he knows what it feels like to be bad.

11. You will feel more loved than anyone else

A person with anxiety tends to be tender and romantic. She tends to have expressions of love that show that person how much she loves her. Love with abandon and, therefore, will always look for ways to enjoy each moment with you, even if it is only caressing or napping with you. It will make you feel loved in another way, as you never felt before. You will feel a unique connection by loving someone with anxiety.

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