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Purified Water Vs Spring Water: Which is Best for Us?

Purified water and spring water are safe to drink and they are approved by EPA. EPA is a federal agency of the USA whose full meaning is the United States Environmental Protection Agency. But spring water is expensive than purified water. In this article, we will present Purified water vs spring water comparison so that everyone can understand the fact.

Purified water vs spring water

Before starting we have to know what their meaning is and what components they have.

What is spring water?

spring water

The spring waters, along with mineral waters, are the healthiest option if it comes to moisturize our body with bottled water. Legally, spring waters are waters of underground origin that emerge spontaneously on the surface of the earth, conserving all the natural characteristics of their purity. It allows their consumption among people. These characteristics remain intact, given its underground origin and its preservation and natural protection of the aquifer against any pollution phenomenon.

The packaging of spring water is substantially identical to that of the more famous natural mineral waters, which remain the only ones authorized to use the term “natural mineral water”. The water has strictly underground origins. In fact, it flows from the rocks and deep soils.

Drinking spring water can happen during mountain walks. Or on vacation for those lucky enough to have a home near a natural spring. In the first case, respect the indication of ‘not drinkable’ when you find it. If you are really thirsty, use precautions like a portable water purifier. In the second case, being a continuous use, perform a periodic water analysis.

A laboratory analysis is required to highlight any organic pollutants without excluding any. But if you are far from inhabited areas and pastures and the spring has a quick change, you can be pretty quiet. If you really do not trust, you can use a water distiller (up to 4 liters at a time) or make distilled water yourself.

What is Purified Water?

Before describing purified water, it is necessary to make a premise: the water distributed by the public or private channel networks must be drinkable. Companies are required by law to provide safe drinking water.

Purified Water

The presence of some organoleptic alterations, which do not affect portability. It can justify further intervention by the end-user. The classic example is represented by treatments to eliminate the taste or smell of chlorine, making the water more pleasant.

The purified water can also be called distilled water, double distillation water and even de-ionized water. The purified water is usually treated by reverse osmosis and distillation. It helps to eliminate dissolved minerals. Because it is potable and filtered water, it is free of unwanted substances such as parasites, chlorine, fluorine or dioxins.

Purified water is used to ensure the health and safety of processed products. The consumption of distilled water in conventional food. In general, it is not recommended, since being mineral-free water, if used for a long time can cause loss of minerals from the body. Also, cooking with purified water captures higher content of food minerals and reduces their nutritional value.

In specific cases, this type of water is used for short periods of time and under specialized supervision to eliminate toxins or reduce the mineral content.

Which is best for us?

Spring water is a type of water that comes from beneath the earth and flows naturally to the surface. According to EPA regulations, to qualify as “spring water,” they cannot be collected anywhere except at the spring site.

For purified water, it passes through various filtering processes and purifiers to get rid of bacteria and be safe to drink. In addition, with New water, it not only purifies the water and makes it safe and perfect for all types of people: seniors, children, athletes, etc. But it also enriches it with magnesium. In this way, purified water is much safer and more complete for the whole family.

Now, come to the price. Spring water is usually bottled water that is acquired in small bottles or plastic bottles of several liters. In addition, when distributed in this way, the price is very high. So, drinking bottled spring water purchased at the supermarket can be a great expense for each house.

The purified water is tap water itself is purified and enriched with magnesium to take care of your health. You can access it from home, without having to carry weight or overpay for everything that is not necessary.

Purified water and spring water are available in the market. Consumers must make a wise decision about which water is best for each of them since their differences are notable. It is necessary to know what distinguishes them to make the right decision.

Now, it’s up to you.

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