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Home spa: hot bath, candles and aromatherapy are the secret

A little for the lack of time, a little also for the cost, we often give up on dedicating ourselves some pampering to relax. We think that, in order to create a do-it-yourself spa at home, it takes a great deal of money and also a considerable space: wrong! Now we show you how simple it can be to create a relaxation room at home, without spending a lot and without buying strange bulky machinery. Scroll below to find out more!

The therapeutic power of a nice warm bath

In the winter months, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a nice warm bath at the end of the day to relax the muscles and immediately feel lighter. In your home spa, a nice warm bath is just what you need, and if you add a few drops of lavender essential oil, everything is even more intimate and relaxing.

How to take advantage of this moment of total relaxation even for a small beauty treatment? You can add some Epsom salt to the water which helps fight water retention. But how? Thanks to its osmotic action which favors the drainage of excess liquids. Immediately gives lightness to the ankles and all legs: phenomenal for those who do a little movement. but also for those who are standing too many hours. In addition, Epsom salt promotes muscle relaxation. In short, it is a bit like the Holy Grail of our relaxing beauty routine!

The right atmosphere

Well, how can we enjoy our relaxing bath even more? Using candles, of course! Even better if scented, to create a unique atmosphere, very similar to that of oriental Turkish baths. Just reading it, don’t you feel more relaxed?

The fragrances can be relaxing, like that of lavender, for example, but also more sparkling like that of cinnamon or sweet like vanilla. The important thing is that you like it and it immediately gives you relaxation and peace. Maybe accompany everything with your favorite music, from jazz to rock ballads: and here is your unique and perfect moment, all for you.


We often underestimate the power of perfumes. In fact, technically, perfumes act on our limbic system which is a complex of brain structures that plays a very important role in emotional reactions, behavioral responses, and the memory processes of our body.

In short, perfumes stimulate the production of adrenaline, endorphins and therefore influence our emotions. For this reason, using essential oils, perhaps even with a vaporizer for essences, while giving yourself a nice warm and relaxing bath, will help you, in fact, in the relaxation process.

Give yourself an extra cuddle

To conclude our relaxing beauty routine, it may be useful to add some sweets, or whatever we like, while we enjoy our bath. The perfect image is to accompany a nice glass of wine to a reading that we like, while we relax in the tub. There are many supports to leave books intact and to rest our glass.

But in this field, everyone must follow their own needs; there are those who love hot chocolate, others an herbal tea. Still others just water: in short, be creative! Sweets, pretzels: anything that can help you feel better.

These are our tips for spending a relaxing evening in a home spa at almost zero cost. Get creative, take care of yourself.

It is important to take a moment to ourselves, away from the world and from stress. Our mental well-being also passes through physical well-being, which is why taking a hot bath is not only good for the body but above all, for the mind. The scents, the candles, the hot temperature allows us to loosen the muscles and even the thoughts.

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