Styles of Beverage Pitchers

Water is essential to human life. Humans can live without food for weeks, but they cannot go a day without water. People need an average of 3 liters or about 13 glasses of water per day to survive. That means you have to drink at least two water pitchers every single day to stay healthy!

Pitchers come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Some examples of the types of beverage pitcher include:

Shallow Pitchers

A smaller than average pitcher is used by users who prefer less liquid capacity in their cup due to health reasons or simply because they take more time drinking from a smaller surface area of the cup that does not get as much air into the drink. This is good for people that get dehydrated easily from consuming too much fluid at once, such as marathon runners who need water throughout the day but do not want to have stomach issues from drinking it too quickly.

Beverage Pitchers With Strainers

A beverage pitcher with a filter or other filtering mechanism is designed to remove ice or solid particles that cause clouding in beverages like fruit cocktails and milkshakes. Pitcher is great for bars serving alcoholic drinks and commercial businesses such as supermarkets looking to give customers an enhanced visual appeal of their beverages through clearer liquids.

Decorative Pitchers

Different pitcher styles can be found in different shapes, colors, and designs for aesthetic appeal. These pitchers are often used as decorative pieces to make beverages look appealing; usually not used to serve drinks with ice.

In today’s world, water pitchers have become an essential part of kitchens where people eat at home since they can contain tap water, which is of lower quality than bottled or filtered water. It seems only logical that if you are going to use tap water for cooking or drinking, it should be filtered so that harmful impurities and chemicals are removed.

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