The long laughs of Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor was an actress that graced our screens for many years. She played in roles including ‘Carry On’ films and as the iconic Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders. In her later years, Barbara was diagnosed with Dementia, and she had support from her loving family and professionals, like those who work in Care Jobs Gloucester way like those searching

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Barbara was born in 1937 in Shoreditch, London, and she grew up in the local area. She was incredibly smart, and her parents had hoped that she would go to university, but after a backstage theatre trip with her grandmother, she was hooked on the idea of working as an actress.

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It was at Aida Foster Acting School that she would begin her training, and she played roles in many of the school’s productions. By 1954 she made her first appearance in the film “St Trinian’s” as one of the school girls. She then appeared in several other productions before being cast in her first ‘Carry On’ film in 1964. In total, she appeared in 9 of the ‘Carry On’ films throughout her career. These films had given her the chance to impress a number of directors.

By 1985 she appeared as Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders. She starred in over 1,500 of the soap opera before retiring from the show.

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