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Carbohydrate load periods, points to consider

At this time of year for sure we’ve heard a thousand times to many people who are in the throes of charge to get more pay and greater muscle mass. But sure for many this expression is meaningless. Therefore this time we want to stop at this point and let’s see what is a loading phase. Especially from the nutritional standpoint, as it is important to consider when building muscle mass phase.

As we discussed on countless occasions food is essential and therefore it is necessary to care for her. Especially if we train hard and also seek muscle growth, it is necessary that we give the body what it requires. It is therefore necessary that at certain times of muscle growth we start charging phases. These mainly consist of increased quantities of hydrates of carbon that we will eat in the diet.

carbohydrate-load-periods-points-to-considerThe importance of leptin and insulin during periods of muscle gain and fat loss

First of all it must be remembered that our food depend segregation of two key hormones to athletes. It is leptin and insulin. Leptin decreases as our fat reserves diminish. This hormone controls appetite, and increases when its quantity decreases, the same happens with the body’s fat burning. That is, when the body senses that has little fat hungry and therefore tend to accumulate more fat instead of burning it. Is a self – defense system that sometimes is reinforced by fluid accumulation in certain areas.

Perform load periods carbohydrate diet is a widespread practice among those seeking muscle development because thus what they will get will be a gain in muscle mass with low fat. The process begins with leptin and lower fat storage by the body mentioned before. But this process continues with increasing muscle mass, and is more carbohydrates more energy. We must not forget that carbohydrates are the body’s fuel and therefore the performance you’ll notice when training, because we will have more immediate energy to raise larger loads that directly affect muscle development.

How to load periods hydrates

Broadly speaking this would be how work load periods by the increased intake of carbohydrates. In this period, if we make a constant and intense activity, muscle development will be greater with little fat storage. But it is true that this way of adapting the diet is ideal for people who are well weight and want to lose some fat while getting more muscle mass.

There ** different ways of carrying out the charging phases of hydrates **. The most used are seasonal, ie is usually carried out in winter, at which we tend to grow and avoid a little muscle definition or drying phases. Another alternative is to realize alternately, i.e. perform normal diet five days and two days a week load hydrates or vice versa. Of course, in the days of no load, carbohydrate intake is lower. Another way to do this is alternating one day with another load no load.

How many quantities we eat?

To find out what we should eat in the days of load is necessary to bear in mind that not only have to increase the intake of carbohydrates, but also need to consume more calories. To have an orientation should eat between 4 to 6 grams of carbohydrates per kilo of weight during that day charging. As proteins grams per kilo two more or less is recommended. And to complete the remaining calories we consume fat.

Yes, it is important to take care of the source of nutrients. In the case of hydrates will be whole grains such as rice for example. Yeast avoid as far as possible and refined flour is essential. In the case of fats ideally consume monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids especially. Saturated the receive of the meat for protein we consume.

As for the days of low load, carbohydrate intake will be lower than 40-50 grams total throughout the day. Its source will be vegetables and whole grains. It is important to take care so as to achieve the desired effect.

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