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How should a vegetarian diet to lose weight?

Many are those who begin a vegetarian diet in order to lose weight and achieve the opposite effect , as they start gaining weight with the new power. So today we have what should be a vegetarian diet to lose weight , you really help you achieve goals.

Being a vegetarian and fat, more common than we think

Being a vegetarian is often associated with the intake of fruits and vegetables, however, although these foods have great presence on a diet of plant origin, in the absence of meat and other animal proteins sated, we usually get their hands on lots of foods complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, cereals, bread, vegetables and the like, and this, along with other unhealthy behaviors may be the cause of weight gain when starting a vegetarian diet.

An excess of carbohydrates and / or fats , which can be combined with the consumption of vegetarian foods of poor quality or concentrated in calories and lack of exercise can lead to a positive energy balance that promotes weight gain rather than help us lose kilos.

how-should-a-vegetarian-diet-to-lose-weightFor this reason, being vegetarian and fat may be more common than we think , but bring a vegetarian diet and weight loss is possible, we only know what to eat and plan well our food.

How should a vegetarian diet to lose weight

It is clear that a vegetarian diet that promotes weight reduction must produce a negative energy balance and therefore the amounts are of great importance as excess carbohydrate or other nutrients, as we have said, may have the opposite effect.

Also, key care is the quality of the diet, in order to be satisfied with what we eat and protect the health of the body while losing weight. To this end, some foods that can help are :

  • Legumes : They are a good choice to add protein and fiber satiates with low glycemic index carbohydrates. In addition, we can choose the vegetables with the lowest proportion of hydrates and combine them with a minimum amount of cereal to achieve a better quality protein. As if that were not enough, legumes are excellent sources of micronutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium and others.
  • Oats : It is one of the foods that satiate, which can combine with fresh fruits to further increase its power to calm the appetite and also for its nutritional properties and rich in antioxidants and phytosterols, consumption will encourage health care avoiding nutritional deficiencies.
  • Nuts : They are good allies to add nutrients and plant protein diet, and also can help in many ways to lose weight. However, they are concentrated in calories so it is essential not to consume more than a handful daily.
  • Soy : for example, tofu or tempeh are good choices of vegetable protein, low in carbohydrates but rich in good nutrients like calcium, for example. We can also consume fresh soy bean called edamame, which is a protein concentrate with few calories.
  • Quinoa : much resembles in its composition legumes, because it is richer in protein and low in carbohydrates than most other grains and is also excellent source of iron from plant foods. Therefore, we were satisfied and will help us meet the quota of critical nutrients in vegetarian diets .
  • Seitan : is a byproduct of wheat processing basically concentrated protein maize, therefore, we satisfy us and we can use it to replace meat.

In addition to these foods of high nutritional quality that can be satisfied, it is important to prevent deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that are more in foods of animal origin, for example, it is essential to consume vitamin B 12 in order to avoid development nutritional anemias.

Also, if we do not consume enough iron in plant foods, one may be necessary to supplement this mineral is also helpful to prevent anemia, especially in women of childbearing age.

On the other hand, besides choosing good quality food, it will be important to avoid those foods low in essential nutrients and / or concentrated in calories , such as potato chips, some trinkets, vegan cookies shopping, snacks or other, that can hinder a diet low in calories and healthy.

The amount is also important

As we said above, quantity and quality are two aspects to care if we are to achieve a vegetarian diet to help us lose kilos, so, besides choosing the right foods is key not to fall into excesses.

With our vegetarian diet must achieve a deficit of at least 500 kcal per day to lose weight safely in a reasonable time, that is, we can lose with this reduction in calories, about 1% of the current weight per week.

To do this, we can add exercise to which we were already doing but also, it is essential to add fresh fruits and vegetables and legumes, and reduce refined grains to satiate much less than other fiber -rich foods.

Lay hands on seitan, tofu or tempeh are above all good sources of protein can also help, because with only accompany them with vegetables can be satisfied without encouraging excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

Hydrates best left for breakfast and nearby training meals, so using them as an energy source, but still it is always better to choose whole grains like quinoa or oats for consumption, and combine them with enough fruits and / or vegetables to increase satiating power and volume without adding calories.

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