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Innovative products idea for babies in 2019

As technology advances, more and more innovative products idea for babies appear, which are in charge of facilitating us much more the tasks of being mothers.

With the advancement of technology more and more. Innovative products idea for babies are appearing that greatly facilitate the tasks of being a mother. In this 2019, specifically, various articles have been presented that allow from being  able to monitor the baby more easily when sleeping, to bathe it in a more comfortable way.

Innovative products idea for babies

the Innovative products idea

Caring for our babies is always the most important thing, for this reason. We always try to have at home what is necessary to be protected. In the following list we will present some idea. Or devices that have been created for this purpose.


The baby monitors  Hubble Connected  are the bet of the Motorola company so that parents can monitor the little ones while they sleep or play . This device connects to your compatible mobile phone, tablet or computers. It is really easy to use and you can place it anywhere in the home.

Smart Nursery Humidifier

top Innovative products idea

The smart humidifier, also from the Motorola company , allows the baby to breathe easier and sleep much better. This device can operate continuously for 10 hours; It has three programmable intervals. And has a water tank that can be easily filled. It can be controlled by mobile phone or tablet.

Keter Plastic

The time of the bath can often be a bit complicated, but with Keter Plastic it can be a little easier. The design of this seat makes it widely safe, in addition. It is designed specifically to prevent the baby from sliding down.

The Beebo

Beebo is a bottle holder designed to help feed the baby. It is really easy to use. The first thing you have to do is place the Beebo on your chest. Put the bottle and rotate it at the desired angle. This item is made in safe materials for babies.

According to the creator of the product. Beebo was developed to facilitate the feeding time with the baby. Because the bottle is in the right position and the task is much easier.

Baby bathtub

Innovative products idea for babies in 2019

This seat weighs very little, so it is truly easy to transport and store. It has two rear legs that provide greater security, in addition to its material is widely resistant. Thanks to the design provided by the seat, the baby will not slip at the time of bathing.

Smart diapers Pixie Scientific

Pixie Scientific smart diapers allow you to track your baby’s health. These diapers give us the possibility to detect urine infections or other diseases. You only need to scan the wet diaper code with a smartphone. So the application will indicate infections in the tract urinary infections, kidney problems or prolonged dehydration.

Smart Breast Pump Willow Pump

Among other innovative products idea for babies we find this gadget created by John Chang, with the aim of functioning as an  intelligent and hands-free milk extractor. Which adapts perfectly well to the mother’s bra. Thanks to its aerodynamic pump, it does not require any additional accessories such as traditional extractors.

Oblumi Tapp smart thermometer

The device called Tapp connects to the mobile phone to turn it into a thermometer. With the App, we can have a record of the temperatures and the doses of the medicines. In addition, with this smart thermometer we can even measure the temperature of the baby’s food.

The SNOO smart  crib

The smart crib developed by Happiest Baby and designed by the pediatrician  Harvey Karp , has a Wi-Fi connection and is capable of rocking the baby at different speeds. In addition, it has integrated the function of emitting sounds that calm the baby in case of waking up.

Moon lite projector

discover Innovative products idea

The moment  story can never be missed at bedtime, so a mother created the Moon lite device, which is responsible for projecting images on the ceiling. Or wall from the mobile phone . These projections can be used at the time of the story to make the stories much more real and fun.

Technology continues to advance as the years go by, with more innovative baby products appearing. Although, when buying any of the devices that we mentioned, mothers should analyze in which area. They need more help and how it could benefit them in a certain task.

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