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Chocolate therapy– With the arrival of the cold and after the summer months. The skin is resentful and it is very possible that you begin to notice that it asks for extra care. Maybe you have started looking for some treatments and have discovered that chocolate therapy is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. So we want to suggest something that goes a little further. Why not take advantage of your trips to the Dominican Republic to get an intensive treatment and a spa day on your skin? Thus you will return to 100%, both your body and your mind. What more could you want?

Relaxing trip to the Dominican Republic, the chocolate paradise

best chocolate therapy

Since 1980, the Dominican Republic leads the cultivation of organic cocoa being the first exporter of this crop. The nexus that the Dominican country has always had with cocoa has evolved to become a world reference for organic cocoa. That is, from totally ecological lands, without herbicide treatments or chemical fertilizers.

Spa treatments with the best cocoa properties

So if you are considering what to do in the Dominican Republic, you should not forget to take into account this local delicacy in your visit to the island. Not only is it a matter of trying it, you can  the cocoa fields to learn about the collection process. And let yourself be drunk by the intense aroma it gives off during your roasting.

Chocolate wrap or chocolate therapy, a day of spa treatments to leave with years of less

the chocolate therapy

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, chocolate therapy or treatments that include cocoa become real beauty cocktails that bring peace to the body and soul during the rest of winter. The reason is simple, cocoa contains natural antioxidants that help the production of endorphin. Natural substances that awaken our feelings of happiness. And if you also add a paradisaical environment, it is not surprising that the beneficial effects of this treatment multiply.

Chocolate treatment, a therapy for the body and mind with the best properties of cocoa

Barcelo Bavaro Grand Resort’s Chocolate Delight beauty ritual is a 100% Dominican cocoa-based beauty treatment that includes a cocoa mousse peel. A warm chocolate wrap and a facial mask.

For 50 minutes you can enjoy this chocolate wrap with which you can not only hydrate your body but with which to enjoy the pleasure of this local culture with each one of your senses. Cocoa is not only a powerful moisturizer but it is also an incredible antioxidant that helps fight the sun’s effect and the contamination of your skin. Not to mention its smell, at times relaxing and at times stimulating.

This chocolate therapy ritual consists of 4 steps: first, a body mousse exfoliate is applied that leaves a smooth skin free of negative ions. After that, we proceed to body wrapping with 100% Dominican cocoa that nourishes and rejuvenates even the most damaged skins over time. All this followed by a massage with micro emulsified anti stress oil that repairs and hydrates in depth. And finally. The essential anti-aging balm is applied to tone and rejuvenate all skin types. All this, in the very paradise.

Find a moment of relaxation with these Spa treatments

top chocolate therapy

The hypnotherapy, that is, bathing in water, especially in thermal waters is one of the oldest treatments in the world and is the foundation of our spas today. Travel to hot springs of cold. Or hot water to cure diseases goes back to pre-historic times.

Although spa treatments go back to pre-historic times to heal diseases with the help of thermal waters. Nowadays different specific treatments have been added to heal the diseases of our time, especially stress. These are the most demanded and effective spa treatments:

Lymphatic Massage

Slow and repetitive movements that favor the circulation of the lymph, thus improving trematodes pictures, inflammations and retention of organic fluids. The lymphatic system collaborates very closely with the immune system. So lymphatic drainage improves overall health status and takes a very important and beneficial role in the nervous system. It is also another way to strengthen the immune system.

Hot Stones

The origin of geothermal therapy or hot stones is found in an ancient oriental massage technique inspired by disciplines.  According to these disciplines. If we suffer from any illness or discomfort it is due to the fact that the energy is not flowing correctly in our organism due to the blockage of one of our chakras.

Hot stone therapy allows therapeutic massage to be combined with the use of stones at different temperatures. Locating them in the points of the chakras and thus opening them and allowing the energy to flow properly, alleviating our discomfort.

Chocolate therapy

Chocolate therapy is a beauty treatment based on corporal and facial massages with cocoa, more specifically cocoa nectar oil. The therapy involves wrapping the body with a layer of hot chocolate and let it act for 20 minutes.

Its benefits are due to the fact that chocolate has invigorating properties that stimulate good humor. In addition. Its high content of antioxidants, polyphones and xanthenes make it an excellent ally to combat the signs of aging and the effects of stress. It also helps reduce inflammation of the blood vessels and improves circulation.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is the technique that uses ozone as therapy in the new practice of Biological Medicine. It is the most modern alternative, effective and basic treatment for many diseases. It is a natural therapy, has no contraindications and with excellent results from the first moment.  And anti-inflammatory properties.

Ozone activates blood circulation, providing oxygen and helps detoxify the liver, reduce cholesterol and uric acid levels. Eliminating the solid components of the blood.

Facial Peeling

discover chocolate therapy

The peeling is a technique of exfoliation or desquamation, comes from the English ‘to peel’ which means peeling. It consists in applying a substance on the skin to eliminate dead cells. Thus renewing the superficial layers of the skin to improve its appearance. It is a good treatment to eliminate stains on the skin, to fight the first wrinkles, improve tone and texture. Activates the collagen formulation and activates blood circulation.

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