How to grow chia seeds

Among the superfoods so popular in this period, there are also the very famous chia seeds. But what exactly are they? The chia seeds are produced from a floral plant called Salvia Hispanic, rich in properties nutritional. The plant comes from the Labiatae family and is native to Guatemala and central and southern Mexico.

In fact, chia seeds were part of the basic diet of the ancient pre-Columbian populations. It is a food very rich in calcium, omega 3, vitamin C, and iron, and also has good percentages of other minerals, such as zinc and magnesium. Finding seeds in the supermarket or herbalist’s shop is not difficult now. But can they also be grown here in Italy, with our climate? Let’s find out how to grow chia seeds.

Growing chia seeds

We often wonder if it is possible to grow chia seeds in our country. The answer, unexpectedly, is positive. The chia seeds, in fact, with great success, have been exported to Spain and the Spanish climate and rainfall are very similar to those we can find in Italy, especially in some areas. Chia seeds can be purchased from any well-stocked garden store.

If you encounter any inconveniences, you can, alternatively, find them online. A sachet of seeds for chia seeds costs between € 1.50 and € 3, depending on what will be the capacity of the single sachet. Let’s see what are the basic climatic conditions for strong plants to grow.

Necessary conditions

To grow chia seeds correctly, you need to make sure the environmental conditions are favorable. To sow chia seeds it is necessary to have alkaline and clayey soil. This type of soil, in fact, is the best to allow the plant to settle and find the right amount of nutrition from the earth. The best time to sow, however, in March. The plant must be cared for with constant and patient attention. It should be watered constantly, every two or three days, wetting only the roots and the part of the stem that meets the ground.

Be very careful to avoid stagnation of water. It could have very unpleasant consequences linked to the birth of molds or other rot that could touch the plant. Also, be careful that the temperature does not drop below 15 °. In order to best cultivate the chia seed plant, it is advisable to seek advice from a trusted expert gardener.

Flowering of the plantHow to grow chia seeds

The flowering of the chia seed plant usually occurs in midsummer. It is in this period that you can proceed with the collection of seeds. It is not difficult: you just need to look for them among the flowers. They are dark in color and very small. Once collected, they can also be kept for a long time in a dry and cool place.

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