9 tips to restore hope in your life

In this vertiginous world where we are around economic crises, crises of all institutions, security crises, many people lose hope in their lives. Watch the news, the promising future predictions of a better state of life make it hard to keep hope.

Given the immensity of problems, we feel small and sometimes we ask ourselves: «And what can I do? What is the point of my struggle? ” Losing one’s sense of life often leads to strong depression because of not knowing what to do in this chaos. Being able to have hope is essential. Expect things to make sense and eventually improve. For you, for your close ones, for the whole of humanity.

Tools in your favor

Although sometimes it costs us, and we feel we lose hope, you can still face adverse realities if you put these attitudes into practice:

Seek to learn the situation

When something has no solution, there is nothing left but to accept reality. It is usually painful and difficult and sometimes it seems impossible to sustain hope. When something has no solution or seems to have no solution, there is a reality that we face that is difficult for us.

Given this, an important growth path is revealed to us. What does this situation ask us to learn? We might have to learn detachment, that we have to learn to be more autonomous. If we focus the difficulty on the great challenge of learning something and growing up to be better people, that difficulty will make sense.

Focus on what can be done

There are other situations that do have a solution. The question is then, what can I do and I have to do? For example, when faced with a disease that requires surgery, there is a solution. But obviously, except for being a doctor, it’s not your turn to do the surgery.

So what can you do? Get quotes from hospitals, find a recommended doctor with the specialty of the disease in question, cooperate with money if you have, or look for donations, or sell things to raise money.

Focusing on the solution is staying in hope. It is to remain in action. Doing something for it also gives life meaning. Being able to contribute a grain of sand to a sack is what we can do.

Reload on yours

When despair and emptiness arrive, it is that the soul is hungry for love. Take the love you need from your friends, your brothers, your parents, your close ones. Take their hugs, ask them for help, their words. If they offer you something and it does you good, receive it and accept it. They are those signs of solidarity, affection, and humanity that generates heat in the soul to regenerate the spark of hope.

Read someone you admire

Reading the biography of some character you admire, with their own stories, battles, and despair, and seeing their achievements at the end of their lives will make you recover the hope that it is possible.

Remember previous crises

Sometimes it is not the first time you are going through a crisis. Remember the previous crises, and remember how you got out of it. Try to do what helped you get ahead again. What did you learn from that time? What happens after? This is also a reminder to you that it is temporary.

Recover what a grain brings to the sand

The immensity of the problems makes us feel lost. Remember, each grain contributes to the existence of sand. You from where you are can help make things different. Focus on your part.

Go to nature

Nature has the beautiful gift of reminding us that life is a miracle. To look at the trees, the sky, the sunset, the stars and to marvel again is to recover much that is lost in our routine.

Contemplate a flower. Stop running the water in the shower. If possible, escape to the beach or the forest. Behold babies on the street or those near you. Connect with the wonder of life.

Go to professional help

There are times when the crisis is strong, that the spirit can no longer, that personal resources are no longer sufficient or are no longer found. For this, it is important to go to professional help. Someone with his knowledge, his experience and heart guide you along the path to reconnect with the light. That allows you to find meaning in life again.

Go to your spiritual leader

If you have any religion, being able to go with your leader or spiritual guide can help you find the way back from your own spiritual beliefs. His company can also make you recover the warmth of humanity. Praying in the company, retaking faith can give you light to know what to do in everyday life from hope and meaning.

Has it happened to you that you have lost hope and do not know how to recover it? What have you done What other activities have you done that have helped you to share with us?

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