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Hair Removal with Thread: a Natural Technique to Remove Facial Hair

Hair removal with thread is perfect for sensitive skin and does not produce wrinkles or sagging. Eliminating facial and body hair is one of the most common headaches among women. Finding a technique that does not hurt, does not irritate the skin and is durable is not easy. We have a wide variety of methods: laser hair removal, wax, tweezers, electric epilator and hair replacement with thread. We tell you all the secrets of this technique that has been used for centuries and that has more and more followers.

Have you heard of hair removal with thread?

In recent years it has become fashionable. In reality, it is a technique that has been used for centuries. Pioneers in hair elimination with thread and specialists in the design of looks. Hair removal comes from the Middle East and Egypt. It is said that Cleopatra herself used it to remove facial hair. The hair extraction with thread can be used virtually anywhere in the body. The best results are achieved in the face. Specifically, hair removal with thread is perfect for eyebrows. It is also very common to remove hair from the upper lip or mustache, sideburns, etc. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

What is hair removal with thread?

It is a natural method because only cotton (or silk) thread is used to root the hair. The thread eliminates hair with pinpoint accuracy, which does not fatigue or mistreat the skin of the face. Being a non-harmful or erosive method, it allows the extraction of entire hairlines.

Eye, do not try at home, the success of this method depends, in large part, on the professional’s skills. So the essential requirement is to go to a beauty center with experience in this technique. Hair replacement with thread can last up to 4 weeks because it plucks root hair, it also weakens it. It is a less painful method than others, even though the hair is uprooted. Visit Manhattan laser hair removal to get the best care of hair removal.

Advantages of hair removal with thread

  • It is the perfect method for sensitive skin. Hair removal with thread does not irritate the skin, as it hardly comes into contact with it, allergies or irritations do not occur, nor does it remove any layer of the epidermis.
  • It is a hygienic technique since the thread used is 100% cotton, totally disposable so that utensils are not shared between one client and another.
  • It is a method of hair elimination that prevents wrinkles and sagging. Unlike other methods in which pulls occur, the thread ensures that no area suffers the loss of firmness or elasticity.
  • The hair is weakened, with continued use, so it takes longer to grow, the hair is weaker and sessions can be spaced.
  • It is a precise and fast technique, which allows you to show perfect eyebrows in 10 minutes.

Although it is not a painless method, it is less painful than others in which root hair is removed. The hair removal with thread is compatible with aggressive dermatological treatments for the skin and is recommended for patients with acne problems, to manage to decongest the follicles.

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