Do dogs have nightmares

There are many things that you probably do not know about dogs, and one of those curiosities or topics of great interest, that surely is not well known or familiar to you, is about dogs and their dreams, and no, we are not talking about dreams As life goals, no, we are talking about the act of dreaming when the body is asleep, and believe it or not, dogs can do it.

The next time you see him wagging his paws when he is asleep, growling, crying, or even chewing something, it is most likely because he is dreaming, and although there are not many studies on canine sleep yet, important studies are already underway and research, such as the one published at the end of last year, entitled Analysis of Dogs’ Sleep Patterns Using Convolutional Neural Networks that analyzes based on thousands of videos of animals, especially dogs, their sleeping behavior, and one of the conclusions Most important in this study was the correlation between sleep and animal welfare.

But, not only is the correlation of the sleep process with good health being studied, in addition to this type of study, there are investigations developed by veterinarians, such as the work of a DVM Lynn Buzhardt, specialist in canine behavior who has devoted himself to studying the cycle From sleep, dreams and even nightmares that canines have, and their studies confirm this with science, dogs can dream. Another scientist who studies this subject is the emeritus professor of psychology Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia, who discovered that there is a correlation between the dreams of dogs and the movements of their paws, something that is usually seen in puppies and dogs. senior.

Another way in which science has shown that dogs dream is by detecting the stages of the sleep cycle through the patterns of brain waves that dogs exhibit when sleeping, in addition to other signals such as rapid eye movement and relaxation of the muscles, therefore, specialists such as the veterinarian Buzhardt, conclude “Both humans and dogs experience both stages of the sleep cycle”

What do dogs dream of?

That kind of information, we still don’t know for sure, but canine sleep observing scientists can say that dogs dream and even have nightmares; Now, in this regard to what they dream about, there are some specialists in these studies, especially veterinarians, who point out that dogs dream about things that they live in their daily lives, such as walks, their owners, the food they eat or even their toys.

Another discovery by Stanley Coren points out that the size of the dog affects the number of dreams the dog experiences, for example, a small dog can dream every 10 minutes, while a large dog can dream once every hour and a half and just for a few minutes.

In addition to this, it has been discovered that the frequency of dreams also depends on the life stage of the dog, with the youngest dogs, especially puppies, being the ones who dream the most, especially because they use dreams to process the new information that they discover every day.

But, the dog’s dreams not only serve to process the information of the day, in addition, the sleep cycle, and all those long naps that a canine has are a very important part of many metabolic processes, necessary for the dog to enjoy health, therefore, it is very important to allow dogs to sleep and rest during the day, no matter how long it seems to us, this process is necessary for them.

To fully nurture their dreams and that special bond that you have with your canine accomplice, in addition to letting him rest, you should always opt for a balanced diet with a super premium food that offers him conscious scientific nutrition, like the one offered by NUPEC. To find out more about how a proper diet can benefit your pet and that it rests properly, ask your trusted Veterinarian about dreams, and above all, ask about how to fully nourish it with our line of products.

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