How to grow dahlias in pots

Some have pompoms, others have a simple flower, others still exhibit different shapes. Either way, dahlias are splashes of color among summer balcony flowers. For growing in pots, dwarf dahlias are preferred, but these plants can also be tall and medium-sized.

Dahlias grow from tubers and we see them bloom until autumn. These cheerful flowers come from Mexico and Central America and were collected in the 19th century: it is even said that a tuber was exchanged for… a diamond.

How to grow dahlias in pots

  • For the balcony, it is better to choose dwarf dahlias. Use potting soil for flowering plants and place them in pots that are 28-30 centimeters deep, in well-sunny places. Dahlias, in fact, need sun and also withstand excessive heat. Make sure the soil is well-drained, then place some expanded clay in the bottom of the container.
  • If you want to start with tubers, plant them from around March to May, after the frosts. At the same time, a little distant from the tubers themselves, fix some supports that will be used when the dahlias grow in height.
  • Dahlias require water, but do not wet the leaves and beware of waterlogging. In summer, if necessary, water them every two days or even daily.
  • Check that they are not infested with aphids or fungal infections and provide fertilization from summer to autumn. To encourage flowering, top the dahlias and cut off any dried leaves and flowers.
  • And when does the cold season arrive? To grow dahlias in pots, you have two alternatives, based on their trend and climate. If the leaves perish or you live in an area with a cold winter, cut them in the fall and extract the tuber. Clean it and let it dry to perfection, then store it in a paper bag, in a dry, dark, and cold place like a drawer: you can plant it again in spring (possibly already fertilize the soil). Alternatively, shelter the dahlias and stop watering (unless there are periods of drought that require it).

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