Blue is the most common color in men’s clothing, of all ages. The classic elegant men’s suits in various shades of blue present in everyone’s wardrobes, during the occasions, are periodically reused, often with a white shirt. So how to reinvent it, spending little, even just with a tie? You can evaluate different options including regimental ties, to resurrect the blue of a dress already seen.


Guys, can a self-respecting ceremony be faced without a blue man suit? Can you show up without a classic formal dress, which by the way looks good on everyone and always makes a good figure?

But let’s follow the few steps that separate you from saving and dressing well. Let’s face it, often the blue dress is at great prices.


1) Take out the blue party dress, check that it still fits and that it has no stains or defects from the previous occasion. if it just needs to be renewed, take it to the dry cleaners, because between dust and time in the wardrobe, you can lose the shade of intense blue.

2) Check that your white shirt is ironed and presentable and that it can still fit.

3) Make sure you have a tie in the drawer, perhaps regimental, which can make you presentable.

If you have survived the first two tests, you should definitely go out to buy a new tie. No, you can’t wear your wedding one!

If you haven’t been wearing a suit that you have in your closet for a while and you want to make sure it is still in fashion, read our article on how to choose between an elegant men’s suit and a broken suit.

How to choose the new tie?

The tie you have to choose according to your budget can be in satin and silk microfiber. The cost varies from 10-20e to 100e depending on the material. If your tastes are easy, choose a tie that is modern, perhaps in a single color, evaluate the size and cut suitable for your body, especially a color that matches the blue of your suit.

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How do you choose the size?

The tie should also be adapted to your size, for example, if you have huge shoulders or you are very tall or a 54-56, do not take into consideration slim ties. Better a classic tie between 8 and 8.5 cm wide to be modern and not go for an overgrown one. The ties with clutch bags for example are suitable for young people, slender even not too tall, as they follow the line dictated by your size.


A solid blue suit goes well with blue-based patterned ties and even whimsical, vintage, or as already mentioned very colorful ties. However, the recommended colors are pastels, all perfect for a blue men’s suit. Perfect colors are all shades of blue, gray or if you are the daring type you can break with a red or burgundy tie, pink, or various shades of wisteria.

Elegant man suit and blue paisley tie

How to combine a tie with a blue suit or a tuxedo? In this case, we have chosen a matching cashmere tie.

Fancy ties absolutely should not be worn on checked window dresses even if blue-based, it creates too much dissonance and you risk the kitsch effect. So if you have an elegant patterned dress, we recommend that you opt for a solid color tie. Colors to match are exactly the same as you can use for the classic blue dress.

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