Yellow, especially for men, is certainly not an easy color to wear but, if combined well, it can make the difference and make your look original and absolutely not trivial. Did you know that experts recommend wearing something yellow if you want to stimulate creativity?

Here we will not have scientific experiences, but we will try to understand how to wear yellow shoes without risking making people turn, for the wrong reason, on the street.

It is said that those in front of us form an opinion of us in the first sixty seconds, so why not take advantage of a “high impact” color?

Yellow men’s shoes: tips for a perfect outfit

The strong communicative power of this color is very suitable for people who like to get noticed, but also for those who are a little shy and would like to be more extroverted, communicate more with others.

Let’s see, below, some of the possible combinations to match yellow men’s shoes :


Timeless and always present. With jeans, everyone is satisfied: young and old. To match the best with yellow shoes the best are the dark ones because they offer great contrast. If you are young you can choose between skinny or cigarette models, while if you have some more spring it will be better to choose the latter. What shoes to use? Sneakers, moccasins, derbies, and ankle boots. Keep in mind that some models, instead of being entirely yellow, use yellow to emphasize some details, such as laces or seams (it represents an interesting variation on the theme, especially on light-colored shoes). You can look for a shirt with yellow details, such as stripes or writings, to have a pendant effect or opt for a t-shirt or sweater in a neutral color. Also excellent is the choice of the hat to match the shoes, for those who use it. The important thing is not to overdo it because yellow is a noticeable color. The aim is to get noticed, not to look like a huge chick.

Blue and yellow

A pair of blue trousers, a blazer of the same shade, and a nice pair of yellow loafers are the perfect match if you want to wear yellow shoes in a more formal context. A small men’s foulard, a pocket handkerchief, or a brooch from a jacket in the same color as the shoes are certainly the right completion of the outfit. As you can see, it is not possible to combine an elegant suit with yellow men’s shoes; to avoid excessive contrasts, choose the ocher yellow or mustard yellow color which, with the midnight blue, certainly gives more elegance than lemon yellow.

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Cargo Pants

Here we are in absolute casual. The type of trousers, by its nature, is unsuitable for important occasions. You can only combine it with sneakers, all other shoes are unsuitable. Choose camouflage cargo, blue or green; given the colors already in contrast with each other as regards pants and shoes, it is better to use a shirt of one of the already matched colors or neutral (white for example). In summer, light cargo such as beige can also be chosen, combined with a white t-shirt with lemon yellow or mustard yellow sneakers.

The cargo trousers, with their large pockets, tend to enlarge the figure; even more so if it is in a light color. This means that it is not suitable for non-thin people (did you appreciate the politically correct? ), Much less in summer looks, in which light colors are preferred.

Slim fit trousers also called cigarette

Here the casual is less accentuated. Clearly, we are not in the field of elegance, but we are faced with clothing that we can take advantage of on several occasions. You can combine these trousers with shirts and sweaters, using sneakers, brogues or moccasins. For the choice of colors to match, the question does not change much compared to the advice given to combining yellow shoes with jeans or cargo.

The main rule remains that of not exaggerating, choose a neutral shirt or one that has decorations in the same yellow as the shoes.

Elegant dress

Black blazer and elegant trousers, with white shirt and tie (the color you choose) in contrast with yellow derbies. Have you turned up your nose? Yet it is a trend. Of course, it takes a lot of character for this gamble and, above all, to be clear that this type of combination is not always allowed. You can be an important manager or a successful professional, but never forget the dress code that suits your role. Original yes, but without trespassing into eccentricity. To soften the contrast, you can choose an elegant gray men’s suit (light or dark according to taste) to combine with yellow ocher lace-ups.

Chino Pants

A garment that can be worn at any age. Yellow loafers, light brown chinos, a white t-shirt, and finally, a navy blazer: in an instant, you have created an elegant outfit, certainly not rigid but not too flashy. Of course, it’s just an example of how to combine men’s yellow shoes to show off a look that is somewhere between casual and elegant.

Match the belt with yellow shoes

Today, the belt is no longer a relevant accessory. It tends to be hidden by sweaters or shirts worn outside the pants. However, it peeps out on important occasions or when the commitment requires a certain aspect, perhaps not formal, but elegant yes.

Elegant and informal split dresses are generally the looks where the belt still has its say. Generally, its choice follows two fundamental rules: be the third color that defines your outfit, in a shade that fits the whole, or have the same color of the shoes or a shade of it. Remember, as always, to avoid the “Harlequin effect” (never more than three colors).

At the bottom, all that remains is a quick summary: yellow shoes are a very strong outfit element, certainly suitable for getting noticed. Just be careful not to overdo it because the color has a strong visual impact. Now, how about taking a look at the proposals for yellow shoes on our site? Choose with style, please …

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