Trends 2022: How to dress for silver weddings dress

If you are thinking of organizing a party to celebrate your 25 years of marriage, you will have to take into account several factors. Do you know how to dress for silver weddings?

The 25 years of marriage are approaching since that wonderful day when you said ‘yes, I do’. 25 years! You have managed to overcome together all the obstacles that have stood in your way, you have grown together, you have formed a home and you have found your place in the world. Don’t you think it’s a good time to celebrate 25 years of love?

The guidelines of how to dress in silver weddings

You can choose to commemorate your big day in an intimate way, just the two of you, or by organizing a party in which you invite your closest family and friends, a kind of second wedding. It’s your big day so you decide!

If you choose to celebrate a party, you must take into account a series of preparations such as invitations, reserve a space in which to honor love, think about what decoration you want to prevail and, of course, the best option when choosing. dress. If you have no idea, we give you some advice.

What must be considered?

Formal or informal. The first point that you must clarify is if you want a full-fledged celebration, that is, recreating the festivity of a wedding or, on the contrary, something more informal. If you opt for the first point, the ideal would be for the look to integrate perfectly with what you are celebrating, so your best option would be a royal wedding dress. What does this mean? That, of course, you can and should have all the attributes that you would use if it were your wedding day. Veil, mantilla, something blue… All the accessories you want are admitted!

If, on the other hand, the party is going to be more informal, you can opt for a simple white wedding dress. We are clear that simplicity does not limit elegance, quite the opposite. Also, plugins can play a wonderful trump card in your favor. One of the biggest advantages of opting for a simple wedding dress is that we can buy it at low-cost stores. Where can we find them? For example, the H&M bridal collection has beautiful dresses that you would be radiant with.

How to dress for a silver wedding: say ‘ yes ‘ too short dresses. It is true that, even on the big day, we can use them, but the truth is that few brides opt for this style of dress. Either because they see it as too daring or because, perhaps, we have established in our conscience that ‘we don’t look like a real bride’ . But, the moment of celebrating 25 years since the ‘yes, I want’, may be the ideal time to wear these dresses. Also, if the anniversary is in the spring or summer months, you will have more excuses for it.

How to dress for a silver wedding: give free rein to your imagination and choose the design that inspires you the most: inspired by the 1920s, by the looks of the great Hollywood actresses, princess type, like the classic Marilyn Monroe dress…

You can also entertain the idea of being the designer of that dress yourself. Make some sketches of how to dress for silver weddings and show them to a professional. Do not worry if you are not Goya on canvas, surely the professional you have trusted for the work will know how to interpret your tastes perfectly.

How to dress for silver weddings: yes to color. It’s your time and you can afford all the licenses you want. In addition, more and more brides are committed to introducing a note of color in their great look. The great advantage is that finding shoes that combine with a color other than white is much easier. In addition, you can coordinate with your husband so that he incorporates in his suit some detail of the same color as your dress, for example, in the bow tie, his cufflinks, the tie…

How to dress for a silver wedding: pantsuit and jacket Vs jumpsuit. Perhaps 25 years ago you were clear that you had to get married in a wedding dress, but now your mind has expanded much more and it seems like a great idea to bet on a suit or a jumpsuit to relive that wonderful day.

How to dress for silver weddings: top and skirt. In recent years, this combination has become super fashionable and the truth is that we love it. It is a great idea if you want to celebrate your 25 years of marriage on the beach, in the countryside, with vintage decoration… It gives a lot of play! In addition, it gives you more freedom when it comes to moving and you can choose a simple bottom part to give all the prominence to the top or vice versa.

We already know how to dress for silver weddings but, of course, we need to take into account more details such as hairstyle or makeup. Our suggestion is that you go for a beautiful look. In addition to highlighting your natural beauty, a less ornate makeup is much “easier to wear” since you will not have to be so aware that that infinite eyeliner is in its place all the time and you will spend the day much more carefree and, in the end, that is the intention.

Do you know how to dress your feet at a silver wedding? We suggest you go for comfortable shoes that you can wear all day. Low shoes, wedges, espadrilles… Whatever you like best!

You already know how to dress for a silver wedding, but remember that the intention of this day is that you enjoy and celebrate the love that you have created. Therefore, it must be a joint decision to organize a great party or choose any other alternative that excites you for your 25th anniversary. Of course, for another 25 years of love!

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