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Chronic Gastritis-There are many people who eventually begin to feel an inexplicable pain in the stomach accompanied by acidity and in turn bad mood. Sometimes it is said that it is because of not eating on time or in some cases because of stress. When someone has these symptoms we are probably facing chronic gastritis

It has been revealed that gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach; its causes can be derived from excessive consumption of coffee, strong medications, alcohol, spicy foods, among others.

Chronic Gastritis Signs

Chronic Gastritis Signs

The following is a list of signs or one could also say symptoms of a person suffering from this disease:

Abdominal pain

In most cases a strong epigastria pain is felt or in the central and upper abdomen. Sometimes the discomfort is relieved by taking some medication such as an antacid or it is usually removed after the minute passes.

Nausea and vomiting

It is a normal symptom that manifests itself in the person who has gastritis; it can be accompanied by small amounts of blood and even bile.

Lack of appetite

You can feel a feeling of fullness after eating a few doses of food and drinks, at other times it does not cause you to eat absolutely anything, while you are going through a crisis of stomach pain.

Black or tarry stools

The stools of a person suffering from this disease are called “Melena” because they can be accompanied by blood due to a severe ulcer.

Inflammation in the stomach

Many times being inflamed leads to excessive gas production and therefore the person tends to burp more often.

Dyspepsia pain

Increases when food is eaten as there is greater production of gastric acid. Calm down when eating dairy products and rest.

Diagnosis of Chronic Gastritis

Chronic gastritis is a disease that affects 25 percent of the population and is more common among people 55 and 60 years of age; although lately it is appearing in young people and it is due to the nutritional lack of control.

Despite the symptoms mentioned above, the best way to confirm if you are suffering from gastritis is with a histological diagnosis, that is, the tissues of the stomach are analyzed by gastro copy. When performing this medical examination, erosions can be observed that affect the gastric mucosa and H Pylori is determined by means of chemistry.

Knowing the Truth about Gastritis

Tired of Gastritis and especially of feeling so bad everywhere and at every moment and decided to investigate the disease on my own, which is gastritis?, what are the causes, because some people they suffer it and others do not and most of all how could I do it to eliminate it.

The fact that so many people in the world suffer from gastritis and the number of causes for which it can be given.  Also surprised or rather in shock when I learned that the pharmaceutical industry is billing hundreds of billions of dollars a year in products for gastritis.

But one day something spectacular happened, I felt particularly bad, very sore and very inflamed stomach, I was looking for information on the Internet to see if I could do something to feel better and I found a website called Life Without Gastritis, at first glance I thought more of the same, but when I started reading it carefully I realized that it was something totally different.

Home Remedies for Chronic Gastritis

Women and men of yesteryear recommend using home remedies to end the disease, although technology and science has advanced are many advantages that bring these kinds of remedies, including:

  • Eat fresh fruits such as papaya and pineapple, drink coconut water, ginger and licorice tea.
  • Eat oatmeal with honey or yogurt with banana.
  • Take 1 glass of warm water as soon as you wake up with one or two teaspoons of honey.
  • A spoonful of hot olive oil in a glass of milk.
  • Consume Aloe Vera gel at least three times a day.
  • Mexican herbs are well known and are used to prevent gastritis: mix and consume orange blossom, white capote leaf, orange leaf, lime flower, lemon balm and Chinese root. It is said that these plants
  • Have better benefits than antibiotics.
  • The fresh ginger accompanied with two carrots, half an apple and celery, is excellent to avoid the nausea produced by chronic gastritis.
  • American Ginseng: it is often used to prevent infections; it is also used to improve digestion, combat vomiting, and lack of appetite and inflammation of the stomach.
  • Water with lemon: it seems contradictory for the acid used by the lemon; however the lemon is healing and can heal local ulcers.
  • Flax and barley: the flaxseed removes the discomforts of gastritis, you should only place a spoonful of this ingredient in a glass of water and let it rest for at least 12 hours, then strain and take several times a day.
  • The raw potato: the potato contains many properties and to produce stomach relief, you only have to liquefy a potato without a shell and take it as if it were a juice.
  • Unflavored Gelatin: Take a cup of this jelly in the morning, helps relieve heartburn and heartburn.

Many of these remedies are found in our homes and it is of vital importance to know the properties that each one contains, since they can save our lives and save us many bitter drinks due to chronic gastritis.

What is the Life without Gastritis Program?

This system anti gastritis is designed by Carol Saenz is a downloadable electronic book in PDF format which shows us in a simple way from a to z the natural way to combat gastritis forever. More than anything it is a change in our eating habits and the incorporation of certain drinks and infusions combined in a special way very simple to prepare and extremely easy to follow.

Carol designed this program based on her personal experience as a former patient of gastritis and in an exhaustive research on the subject that she did because she no longer supported the way she felt in combination with the knowledge she acquired from studying many theses. Doctorates and scientific publications when he was in his nursing career, this impressive knowledge about the power of natural foods and about how our body can heal itself that it led him to create the system and to prove it in itself.

Mixing scientific knowledge with the power of natural remedies and the ancestral wisdom of nature was that managed to cure gastritis forever in less than 2 months.

Thanks to the effectiveness of this system since it really works for everyone who follows it correctly, it has gained worldwide fame and you can find hundreds or thousands of testimonies on the web about Life without Gastritis and the benefits of the program.

And something very good that has this natural method is that everything you need to follow it, almost certainly you have it in your house and if not, you can buy it in any store or market in your neighborhood. Then what you have to do is combine these elements in the proper way as indicated in the book and you will eliminate the gastritis of your life forever!

Finally, the Ultimate Solution for my Gastritis Appeared!

Although I hesitated a lot at the beginning, mostly for fear that it was a scam over the Internet to take advantage of the desperation of sick people. After reading Carol’s entire website, I made the decision to try it and started doing step by step everything she advised me in the book.

The change was immediate! The discomfort began to disappear from the first day and in less than 20 days of carrying out the gastritis had practically disappeared.

Now, I want to be very clear on this, I eliminated my gastritis forever with this system, but I did it literally step by step as it is indicated in the book. And this is the key to make it work, because if we change things the results obviously will also change. The program is super simple to do and it really works.

At this moment I want to stop a minute and tell you something really important that I want you to know: In this article I will be totally honest, I will not hide anything and I will be 100% honest, After reading it you will know everything about Life Without Gastritis, it works, it does not work and all the details.

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