How to make individual raspberry cheesecakes

National Cheesecake Day only happens once a year – on 30 July – but this is no reason for you not to enjoy this delicious dessert all year round. One of our favourite cheesecakes, which we make time and time again, is a raspberry cheesecake; therefore, the foodie trend for mini-cheesecakes has filled us with joy!

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If you love cheesecake and cupcakes, there is even a recipe for you to combine both your favourites with mouthwatering individual raspberry cheesecake cupcakes.

Cheesecake bases

Whether you choose to use a vanilla, chocolate or ginger cookie as your base, or whether you make your own from digestive biscuits or shortbread – blitzed in a food processor or bashed in a plastic bag with a rolling pin – be sure to have enough of the creamy topping to achieve the correct balance. Recipes for cheesecakes vary according to their origins, such as a deliciously dense New York-style cheesecake and a light mousse from the pages of a foodie magazine, so be sure to try a few out to find your favourite.

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Two tips to remember:

1. Make sure that you press the base mixture or cookie down into the mould or cupcake liner, and chill while you make the topping.
2. If you are making a baked New York-style cheesecake, bake it until the top is cracked. This means it is cooked, rather than being a fault!

Some cheesecake recipes are baked, while others are not, and it is up to you whether you add fruit, chocolate sauce or whipped cream as a topping. Adding white chocolate to your individual raspberry cheesecakes is a delicious twist on what is sure to become a firm favourite in your recipe repertoire.


Flavouring your cheesecake is a doddle, even when raspberries are not in season and you don’t have time to defrost and drain the frozen variety. Natural raspberry flavouring is a great store cupboard standby to have and can be bought online from food specialists such as

If you have used fresh raspberries but the taste isn’t zingy enough for you, add a few drops to some pureed, sieved raspberries and add icing sugar to taste. You will have a wonderful sauce to drizzle over your cheesecakes for added flavour, which will also look very ‘cheffy’ and professional!

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