Medical uses of CBN tincture

CBN is one of the many products produced by the degradation of THC, which means it’s a product that appears after marijuana has been left out for some time. In other words, CBN is formed due to THC losing its hydrophobic end over time through exposure to air and light. That results in THC acquiring an alternate form, which makes CBN another type of cannabis compound rather than being degraded THC.

CBN tincture has historically been disregarded because it is thought to be very similar to CBD, something viewed as having little practical use or purpose within the mainstream cannabis market. However, this conclusion changed once people started researching it further and realized just how much potential CBN offers.

Pain relief

CBN has been proven to have antibiotic effects that researchers believe can provide relief from the pain you get from THC without any of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. In that way, everyone would enjoy cannabis even if they don’t want their state of mind altered while using it. While there isn’t much research done on CBN at this point, studies have suggested its potential use as a neuroprotective antioxidant, providing relief from general anxiety disorders, degenerative neurological diseases, and even the damage associated with Alzheimer’s. CBN is also an anti-convulsive medication that can help treat seizures in epilepsy patients. The compound has been proven to treat mild inflammations, making it potentially useful for people who have arthritis.

Treating sleeping disorders

CBN tincture has also shown to be a very potent sedative, something that many people could benefit from regardless of their medical history. It seems that CBN can induce sleep more effectively than both THC or CBD, although research into this area has not yet been appropriately conducted, so anything said here should be taken with caution. However, the fact remains that sublingual tinctures containing CBN could be beneficial and versatile products when treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

CBN has already proven itself to be a potentially important cannabis product for both recreational and medical marijuana users. Some people even claim that they’re getting better results from using this cannabinoid instead of THC or CBD because its effects are different from those two compounds.

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