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Men’s earrings: how to choose the right ones

This is certainly good news because it means that the range of possible men’s gifts is expanding and finally includes earrings. As for models and materials, there is plenty of choices and there is no question about this, but how do find the perfect ones? Here are some tips to make no mistake.

Types of men’s earrings: button or hoop?

When it comes to men’s earrings, there are essentially two most common types: button and circle ones (although it would be better to say “headband” because male models are never too large like those for women). It is better to start from here to understand how to orient yourself and make the right choice, after which you can focus on the material, which is also important. So let’s see when to opt for button earrings and when for hoop ones.

Button earrings: elegant but also modern

Stud earrings are usually the most discreet, as they remain attached to the lobe and there are models with rather small dimensions. In most cases, these jewels are embellished with a diamond or a precious stone and therefore are suitable for men who like to wear showy and elegant jewels. However, there are also more modern and casual models, such as those by Brosway and Sector which instead of the central brilliant feature a black crystal.

Hoop earrings: youthful and stylish

More versatile and less demanding are the hoop earrings, which can be worn in pairs but also individually. Men’s models are generally small in circumference but larger than classic women ‘s models. On the market, there are now all kinds of them: from those in gold to those in silver, but also in steel. Particularly popular in recent times are the Brosway bolt-shaped earrings: modern and original.

The material of men’s earrings: which one to choose?

As for the material, it is worthwhile to say a few words because this is often an aspect that takes a back seat but it should not be underestimated. Nowadays, earrings made of wood, plastic, or other “poor” materials compared to gold or silver are also in trend. The problem is that these risk causing allergies or dermatitis so you have to be very careful, especially if it is a gift. In order not to take risks, it is better to opt for a hypoallergenic material or for silver.

Single earring or pair?

When choosing men’s earrings there is another factor to consider: do you prefer to wear just one piece of jewelry or the couple? From this point of view, there is absolute freedom and every man is free to choose the version with which he feels most comfortable. Therefore, if you have to make a gift, the best thing to do is to buy a pair of earrings so you don’t risk making a mistake: at most those who receive them will always be free to wear only one!

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