Say goodbye to oily skin with activated charcoal black soap

Hello beautiful … I will tell you that for me the smells of natural soap are not my total pleasure, but sometimes I enter because there are good products like the one I am going to tell you now.

On any given day, a person gave me the data that I have longed for the last decade. She talked to me, without me asking her, about herproblems with acne and how she had solved them. I did not have or had that problem, so I told my sister, who has oilier skin than me, and finally ended up being her Christmas present.

Bar soap, which belongs to a family of various charcoal products (like the mask) has licorice, which is a soothing and detoxifying, rosewood oil, which helps prevent wrinkles, and the miraculous charcoal that absorbs oiliness . Its plus is that it has sandalwood oil that gives a feeling of cleanliness and leaves the skin soft like a baby pot.

Who would say that coal would be something beneficial for our face? Blessed was that day, on which I was working, that I found this great product. It is an astringent soap, with micro granules, that cleans the face, almost at the level of removing the first layer. Seriously speaking, your skin feels smooth and clean like you’ve never felt it before. Its only issue is that it dries a lot, which is why it is essential to use a moisturizer afterwards. My sister served her as if she had fallen from the sky, with time her greasiness disappeared from her face, her pimples and today she has normal skin.

Although this was not the only method she used, she admits that it was the one that gave her the best results. It helps me to prevent pimples from coming out, only exceptionally and before my period, since I spend most of my day and life with makeup on my face and therefore with clogged pores and without breathing (therefore ready for the grain).

For me it is a must, although I recommend that it be used more than anything in oily skin, or for short periods of time, since it is really super astringent and removes all the natural fat from the skin, which is vital to keep the skin moisturized and free of wrinkles in the long term.


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