Six Ways To Start A Legal Career

So, you are considering a legal career but don’t know where to begin. The legal services industry is exploding and legal employers are willing to pay top dollar for competent professionals with in-demand skill sets. Below are six tips from for jump-starting a career in the legal field, whether you are a student evaluating career opportunities or an experienced professional transitioning into the legal field.​

Educate Yourself

One of the best ways to put your legal career in the drive is to advance your education. To get ahead in some speciality areas you may need an advanced degree or professional certification. For example, paralegals and legal nurse consultants are obtaining certifications in their field to demonstrate a commitment to the profession and enhance their professional credibility. For lawyers employed in certain niche fields such as tax, an LL.M. might enhance employability. Legal secretaries with bachelor’s degrees may have an edge over those without a college education, courtesy of casino bonus.

Leverage Your Expertise

If you have experience or background in another field such as accounting, nursing, engineering or the physical sciences, you can leverage your expertise into new career opportunities in the law, either through consulting or through specialization in your niche area. For example, a strong foundation in engineering or the physical sciences may give you an edge in the field of intellectual property, a background in nursing may open opportunities to work as a legal nurse consultant, and a CPA or accounting degree may open doors in the area of tax law.

Perform a Self-Assessment

Before embarking on a career path in the law, it is important to conduct an honest self-assessment to determine if a career in the law is a good fit for you. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and objectively review your experience and credentials to determine if a career in the law is for you. Skills required for all legal professionals include strong writing and communication skills, strict adherence to deadlines, organizational ability, attention to detail and strong technical skills.

Research the Field

Career disillusionment is not uncommon in the legal profession, particularly among lawyers and paralegals. Therefore, it is wise to read literature and explore websites for information relating to the qualifications, duties, educational requirements, salaries and job outlook relating to the legal position in which you are interested. You might also visit the career centre of a local law school to learn more about law school and the legal field. Talking to lawyers, law students and other legal professionals about the nature of the profession will also increase your knowledge base.

Cultivate Professional Contacts

One of the best ways to learn about the legal profession in general and job opportunities, in particular, is through word of mouth. You should network feverously to gain professional contacts and learn about the profession. Contact area law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal staffing agencies. Attend local chapter meetings, conferences, seminars, and luncheons and talk to people who work in the field to learn more about the profession and available job openings.

Become Tech-Savvy

As technological advancements revolutionize the legal industry, it is important to become adept at the technology applications pertinent to the field you wish to enter. Tech-savvy lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, litigation support personnel and other legal professionals have a significant advantage in today’s legal marketplace.

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