10 tips to have beautiful legs without cellulite

Do you dream of having beautiful cellulite-free legs to show off at the beach or just wearing a skirt without feeling uncomfortable? Even if you are no longer in your 20s, you will notice mind-blowing results by following these 10 tips and you will finally want to show off your legs again! We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

How to have perfect legs without cellulite

A decalogue to follow to the letter to obtain visible results from the first month.

  1. Empty your fridge and pantry and improve your nutrition

For a perfect anti-cellulite diet, the first step is to keep your eyes away from temptation. Wraps, pizzas, chips, mayonnaise, fatty cheeses, spreadable hazelnut cream … Freeing the fridge and pantry is essential, even if rather difficult if you don’t live alone. In this case, the goodwill effort will have to be greater.

This does not mean depriving yourself of these tasty foods for life but it is important that the opportunities to consume them are limited, for example to a pizzeria outing or an aperitif with friends. Limit your intake of fizzy drinks that contain industrial amounts of sugar, as well as alcoholic beverages. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables and in particular to fight cellulite, eat kiwi, blueberries, red beans. Obviously, the advice is to always maintain a healthy weight because the extra pounds favor the formation of cellulite.

  1. Drink lots of still water

The truth is that water sweeps out toxins but in turn also eliminates other water in the body. If you drink two liters of water a day, you avoid the stagnation of liquids and greatly improve the appearance of your legs (and your arms). The water to drink in principle must be natural: every now and then a glass of sparkling wine does not hurt as long as it does not become irreplaceable and therefore a (bad) daily habit, the fact of using carbonated water to quench your thirst.

  1. Use nutraceuticals to fight cellulite

Are they effective? Yes, like anti-cellulite creams or bandages as long as they are part of a real attack strategy, made up of several points to follow. It is evident that if you follow these tips one at a time or in a discontinuous way, you will not get any benefits or you will have beautiful legs without cellulite. The naturopath recommends horse chestnut to improve circulation and the maritime pine extract as an antioxidant with a tonic and protective action on the venous walls. Nutraceuticals are natural substances and are easily found on the market, in the form of capsules, mother tinctures, or extracts.

  1. Do a lot of physical activity that is not intense but constant

Exercise is always a panacea for the body, laziness and a sedentary lifestyle have certainly never brought benefits! What often discourages is the idea of ​​having to choose a sport, devote a lot of time to training, having to face a commitment and effort that is not indifferent to the level of will and personal motivation. In reality, however, it depends on the goals you want to achieve.

To defeat cellulite and maintain a healthy weight, you need to exercise constantly and regularly, not intensely. A brisk walk of half an hour a day or a bike ride is enough. You can even opt for dancing, a real cure-all for the legs! In fact, the aim is to keep active the “natural pump” that we have in the calf muscles and which pulsates the blood upwards, thus avoiding the stagnation of liquids in the legs and swelling.

  1. Choose the hydrotherapy and treatment that’s right for you

Water is beneficial and defeats cellulite, which is instead evil! So in addition to drinking lots of water, also use it from the outside to keep your legs healthy and fit. The options are numerous, hydrotherapy offers a wide range of solutions. You can opt for a sport such as swimming for example or choose a water aerobics course in the gym.

To counteract swollen ankles, you can walk by the sea when the weather allows it or treat yourself to a Kneipp path in a SPA or a treatment at the spa. At home, take advantage of the hydromassage or resort to hot/cold showering or sponging, which reactivates the circulation and surprisingly improves the appearance of the skin.

  1. Choose your trusted beauty farm for radiofrequency and electrotherapy

Here we enter the field of professional treatments, which are indispensable in the fight against cellulite and which you must add to your good daily habits if you want to have cellulite-free legs.

Among the most used methods, there are:

  • radiofrequency, which consists of exerting pressure on the areas where cellulite is present, using specific equipment, and favoring the drainage of liquids with these movements.
  • the laser, which instead uses the power of heat to drain liquids. In this way, the circulation resumes its normal activity and the appearance of the epidermis improves visibly.
  1. Book anti-cellulite massages now

Shock mode to immediately decrease the presence of cellulite, you can’t do without it especially if you want to speed up recovery times, in view of the advancing summer season, for example. The massage is decidedly non-invasive and has the purpose of draining, reactivating circulation, improving the presence of oxygen in the muscle tissue, and above all expelling toxins from the body. There are different types of anti-cellulite massage, lighter to stimulate the lymphatic system, for example to those that instead require the truly expert dexterity of a professional. Because they are more intense and to be performed in a workmanlike manner. To avoid breakage of capillaries or absence of benefits. (and therefore a useless waste of money!).

  1. Eliminates fat and cellulite from the knees

Such an unpleasant blemish, capable of ruining the aesthetics of the entire leg! If you want to fight cellulite , then you need to take special care of your knees. Organize yourself like this: do a scrub to remove dead skin cells, which are thicker on the knees, to even out and smooth them. Furthermore, in this way you activate the micro-circulation and improve tissue oxygenation.

This is the ideal time to apply a firming cream or serum, which will absorb easily, optimizing its toning properties. Finally, at regular intervals, you can resort to the application of a glycolic acid gel, because it not only exfoliates. But “breaks” the irregular bonds between one cell and another. Thus giving the skin a smoother and more uniform appearance.

  1. If you smoke, it’s time to quit

Not just to get rid of cellulite from your legs, of course! It is one of the first causes of cellulite. But quitting smoking is a great gift for your skin, for your body, for your health. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which is responsible for innumerable damage to our body: in particular, as regards the skin, it makes it gray, dry, not very toned (so wrinkles appear earlier), causes water retention, and limits the blood supply.

Each cigarette injects into your body approximately 10 billion free radicals: it is evident that it represents a continuous attack on the health of your cells. If you are a heavy smoker, it won’t be easy to quit but it’s a challenge worth winning. Introduce an element into your life that will “fill the void” of cigarettes: more sports, more dance, more goji berries to chew, and many more beauty products, creams. And massages to pamper you, to buy with the money you save!

  1. Renew your wardrobe and choose anti-cellulite clothes

Do you think this is an irrelevant aspect? In fact, the formation of cellulite is closely linked to blood circulation. If the latter is not optimal, it is clear that fertile ground is created for the appearance of the hated “holes” on your legs! Especially if you are standing for a long time for work or on the contrary always sitting (and often with your legs crossed), then you have to eliminate tight and tight pants.

It is the opportunity you have been waiting for to renew your wardrobe, buying long skirts and a few more dresses. In this way you can also wear in a very discreet way, shorts and anti-cellulite leggings or use graduated compression stockings and tights, to improve circulation.

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