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Walking backwards benefits of retro running

Because walking backwards increases the well-being especially of the back and joints, let’s discover the benefits for the legs of retro running.

Trying to walk backwards is beneficial for the legs and back. This walking might, at first glance, seem like an exercise inspired by some variant of our fitness program. Training walking backward, more or less quickly, is very intriguing to walkers, those who grind step after step every day.

The benefits that fast walking produces on our well-being are different and we talked about them in this interesting article.

Walking backwards benefits

Walking backwards, practicing retro running, means forcing our back to stay straight. Even when we are running, we are inclined to assume proper back posture.

Going backwards, it is practically impossible to bend your back towards the steps as it can happen when walking forward. The joints, knees, and ankles, suffer less impact and benefit from a backward walk.

Recent research states that retro running activates mechanisms that lead to the burning of about a third of calories more than brisk walking and running. In light of this, if we walk to keep weight under control, doing it backwards produces better effects.

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Excellent memory walking backwards

Another very interesting aspect concerns memory. According to some scholars, in fact, walking backwards improves memory functionality.

Participants in the research were shown sequences of numbers and words, images, and video frames. Subsequently, these people were invited to walk both forward and backward, to imagine doing one and the other, or standing still.

From the analysis of the results, it was confirmed that the people, subjected to the various tests, who had imagined walking backwards and those who had actually done so, remembered better than others. In this interesting article, you can find out how and why it’s good to walk in the cold.

Promotes good sleep

Among the many benefits, retro running is also good for those with insomnia problems. Scientists have pointed out that this exercise can be traced back to a kind of pleasant journey back in time. It also seems that this type of exercise is able to produce excellent results in those who have difficulty falling asleep.


We have seen, in this article, the many positive effects of walking backwards. With retro running we improve posture by keeping the back straight, we do good for the knees and ankles that have less pressure. When we walk backwards, we also help the memory to remember better and faster.

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