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10 Best Yoga Poses for Fast Weight Loss

Most people do not associate yoga with fast weight loss. But if you find yourself in the advanced class of yoga studio, you will notice that around you there is a crowd of slender and healthy people. This is because yoga, when performed regularly and correctly, is an incredibly powerful tool for fast weight loss. Yoga for weight loss for beginners at home with pictures will allow you to quickly reach your cherished goal.

Doing these 10 asanas daily, you will notice how your muscles will burn, filling with energy. This is due to the fact that during the yoga exercise you keep the body in balance, which means that you engage the muscles just as if you were straining them when lifting weights. By activating the muscles, you accelerate the work of your heart, burning calories, and fat.

Yoga for fast weight loss for beginners at home with picturesfast weight loss

We have collected some of our favorite asanas that beginners can do at home. Pictures will help you in getting an idea of how to properly do them. Read more: How many kilos can lose weight in a week?

These poses involve large groups of muscles that effectively burn calories. Some of them may be difficult for you at first. This is because you have some muscles that are not trained. Doing yoga regularly, you not only can lose weight but also strengthen weak muscles.

How to do: hold each pose for 30 seconds or until you feel comfortable. When all 10 asanas are completed, repeat 2-3 more times.

The pose of the Chairfast weight loss

This pose is similar to how you sit on a chair. It really makes you tighten your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. And because the posture of the chair activates a whole group of muscles, it is great for burning calories.

Rise steadily, inhale. On an exhalation, begin the half-sailed, as if you sit down on an imaginary chair. Note that your knees should be at the same level of your toes. Raise your hands in front of you, palms facing each other. In a more advanced version, raise your hands up. Slowly breathe. Read more: Stronger and more beautiful! 10 tips to strengthen your immune system

Pose of the Warrior I

The longer you hold the pose War, the more you will challenge your hips. If you feel that you are shaking, then the muscles are working!

Stand up straight, spread your legs as wide as possible, inhale. On an exhalation, turn to the right, turning the heels and body. Bend the right leg in the knee, the left leg is set back. Raise your head and hands in front of you. Breathe.

If you can not keep your balance, put your hands on your knee. If you will do yoga postures for fast weight loss for beginners regularly, after a while you will get an advanced posture.

The Pose of the Warrior II

Pose War II is similar to Pose War I, except that you place your hands in the sides, thus stretching different muscle groups. Try it, and you will notice a subtle but important difference.

Stay in the pose of War I, lower your hands. On an exhalation, pull out your right hand in front of you, and leave your left back. Pull out your hands. Hands should be parallel to the floor. Turn the head to the right. Breathe.

The Pose of the Warrior IIIfast weight loss

If you are ready to challenge, try Posture War III. It seems that it’s easy to perform, but it’s not. In order to maintain balance, you need to draw the muscles of the legs, buttocks, and back. The first time you can feel the pain in your legs.

In childhood, we called this pose “swallow”. Stand up straight, inhale. Exhaling, transfer the center of gravity to the right leg and pull the left back. Body lower parallel to the floor, hands extended in front of you palms to each other. Look forward, reach for your hands. Breathe.


Plank uses a group of abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders. Your body should be stretched in a straight line, without sagging or raised buttocks.

Lay down on the rug. Put your hands at shoulder level. Straighten your hands. Lean on the palm of your hand and toes. Hold the body, straining the muscles of the press, waist, hips, and buttocks. Slowly inhale and exhale. To keep the body straight, imagine that an invisible rod passes through your whole body.

The pose of the Boat

The pose of the boat requires strong abdominal muscles. Therefore, focus on keeping your legs and back straight, so as not to strain.

Sit on the rug. Pull your legs out in front of you. On the exhalation, raise your legs. To keep balance, extend your arms in front of you. Look forward. Oh, and it’s hard … But you will succeed.

Pose of the dog face downfast weight loss

This pose is one of the most popular among practitioners of yoga. The dog’s pose with the muzzle down stretches the muscles of the legs and spine. In order to fulfill it, various muscles are included in the whole body, which increases the frequency of the heart muscle and actively burn calories.

Stand up straight, raise your hands up and lean forward in exhalation. Lean on the palm of your hand, put your legs back. Transfer the weight of the body to your arms to straighten your knees. Buttocks should look up. In the advanced version, the feet should stand on the floor, if it is difficult for you – stand on tiptoe.

Breathe freely and easily. Stretch the stomach as much as possible to the vertebrae, this will allow you to get a thin waist and get rid of the abdomen.

Cobra posture

The cobra posture perfectly stretches the body of the body, the muscles of the press, arms, and shoulders, involves the back and spine. It is also an excellent stress for your body to lose weight.

Lay down on the floor. Hands at shoulder level. Leaning on the palm of your hand, slowly begin to lift the body of the body, caving in the back. Look up, draw in your stomach.

In the advanced version, you can lift the body of the body, tearing off the hip of the rug.

The pose of the Eagle

This pose is aimed at the buttocks and leg muscles. You will also need to strain the back muscles and the press to maintain the body of the body straight.

Stand up straight, start the left leg behind the right leg and the right hand behind the left one. On an exhalation, sit down. Take a deep breath and on exhalation try to sit down even lower. Keep your back straight, look ahead.

To keep the balance, find a point on the wall and look at it. Do not forget to breathe deeply and slowly.

 The pose of the triangle

Our final point in yoga for fast weight loss at home with pictures is a pose triangle. This is a great exercise that affects your entire body, including the thighs, the inside of the thigh, buttocks, and shoulders.

Stand up straight. Feet as wide as possible, feet are parallel to each other. On the exhalation, turn the right heel 90 degrees, the left one remains stationary. Lean to the right leg, do not bend your knees. Place your left hand over yourself, look up. Keep your balance, leaning on the fingers of your right hand. Breathe.

Yoga for fast weight loss for beginners at home with pictures is a great way to improve your fitness and lose weight. In addition, it can help you increase the tone of the body and stretch tight muscles. Learn more about yoga poses for beginners and yoga for the face against wrinkles.

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