Winter scarf: How the most elegant men in the world wear their scarf

The first thing you have to be clear about is that materials such as wool or thread are essential when it comes to wearing them. But, above all, its main function is to shelter. And well, okay. It is true that we are going to show you a couple of ways to wear it in a more casual and less functional way so that you master all kinds of variants and positions on your body.

Integrated into the look

It may seem silly but finding a piece that can be easily incorporated with the rest of the garments is not an easy task. The interesting thing, in addition to wearing it in a color that fits perfectly, is that it goes unnoticed.

That there are variations of tonality and textures that make you see that there is a scarf, but in a discreet way. For this, what is usually done is to carry it supported on the neck but with the tips resting on the front of the body. Coat plus jacket plus jersey…. anything goes. The more you play with the layering technique – dressing in layers – the more elegant this accessory will be in your style.

In a casual way

For this type of proposal, the material of the accessory matters a lot. The finer, the easier to succeed. Our recommendation is that you look for a narrow scarf that is made of delicate cotton – as we saw in the AMI Paris fashion show – or that you dare with materials such as silk to achieve the Johannes Huebl effect.

The prints should be traditional and based on shirting. Imagine it is a tie. Of course, in this case, the knot to carry it is much more informal.  Something like crossed but little studied. Make it look like it shelters you when, in reality, all it does is decorate.

Like it was a turtleneck sweater

The English designer JW Anderson launched a couple of seasons ago zippered wool collars to put on undershirts or round neck jumpers. That same effect is what we want to achieve by wearing the scarf in this way: making it look like you are wearing a turtleneck sweater.

The jackets or coats you are wearing should be able to be buttoned all the way up, either with zippers or buttons, to secure the scarf.

Play the distraction

This time the importance falls on the pattern and not so much on how to tie the scarf. Either with a generous crossing on the chest or pulled at the neck with the simple gesture of moving the part of the left scarf over the right, the scarf will be integrated into the style.

The important thing is that the colors or patterns you choose for the accessory are blurred or integrated into the rest of the garments. How do you get it? Well, combining squares on squares, stripes on stripes, or yellow on yellow. There is no more mystery. A kind of ‘Where’s Wally’ but in a scarf version.

Over the shoulder

And in oversize size. Here the size does matter because the idea is that it is as if you were carrying a blanket – one of those chubby and warm ones – over your shoulder. The bigger the better but to carry it the secret is to fold it in half and support it on one of the two shoulders. We leave that to your choice.

We like it to be complemented with the sweater and pants you wear, so look for a shade that fits. How final trick? Hook it up with a safety pin at shoulder height so it doesn’t fall to the ground.

Effect Vwinter scarf

The prominence of this option falls on the coat. The material of the same does not matter, the important thing is that it has a flap and makes an opening in ‘V’ on the chest. It’s the way you probably always wear your scarf.

It is called a French knot and consists of inserting the two ends of the scarf through the hole on the other side. It doesn’t seem like the coolest way to wear it, really. Although it is true that this type of knot allows it to be done in an easy, fast, and quite dignified way.

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