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How to achieve chocolate hair

Chocolate hair- The tone we want to use on our hair each season is very personal. But there are some options that go well with all types of faces and that we can always have as a wild card when we want to innovate and find it difficult to decide. This is the case of dark brown, a very favorable alternative for all ages and styles. We tell you  how to achieve a chocolate hair that makes us shine.

It is a tone that combines with all skin types and, most importantly, is a great ally in the battle against gray hair. I know what their variants are and what is the best option for each face.

Chocolate hair keys

best chocolate hair

In the past it was believed that chocolate colored hair was only suitable for women of dark complexion. Today this conception changed and light-skinned women wear dark tones very naturally. The key is to get the shade of chocolate that best fits our face. We review the options and their characteristics.

Style and comfort: dark chocolate hair

top chocolate hair

While it is easier to get for dark-haired women, anyone can get it after a discoloration process. This tone brings a distinguished style without getting too far from the classic chestnut.

Within the dark we can oscillate between intense tones, close to black, and others that add some reddish shades. In addition, we can encourage ourselves to innovate with the use of gradients, lights and golden highlights or a lighter shade of chocolate.

Tincture color chocolate milk

If we have very clear light skin and we fear that it does not get along with the “dark”, it is better to opt for something closer to light brown. You can try variants such as chocolate almond or chocolate milk, among other options that sound like the kiosk counter but are perfect for hair.

The red shades also look great with light skins because they prevent our pale complexion from looking too pale in contrast to the hair. Another option for a more risky look change are highlights with lighter shades.

Mahogany hair

a chocolate hair

The mahogany color is an extremely versatile and very recurrent tone. Although, by definition, we speak of a dark red, the reality is that there is a great variety of tones. Although its versatility makes it an excellent option for a wide range of women, some of its variants make it especially popular among those with clear complexions.

Dark mahogany: dark mahogany is an ideal color for women with medium and dark skin tones. It goes very well in women with light eyes, as it helps to highlight its natural shine. The dark mahogany can range from deep red tones, for the most daring, to tones very close to the chestnut, ideal for those who do not dare to be too obvious reds. Of course: women with very light skin tones have to be especially careful, because the contrast can make them look very pale.

Mahogany clear: unlike dark, it is a great option for women with clear skin. Its appearance is super natural and, like the dark mahogany, it is a great ally to highlight clear eyes. If we like to play with our hair and avoid uniform color, we can choose to choose dark mahogany shades, but apply lighter tone wicks to add a bit of balance.

Copper hair: this tone is similar to mahogany, but with a greater presence of orange touches instead of red. This option is not the most recommended for women with dark or dark skin. Instead, it can be a great idea for natural-toned blondes who want a change to a Hollywood actress look. That’s right: this tone requires more care than others and falls faster. For this it is advisable to apply the coloration every 20 or 30 days, use shampoo and conditioner for red hair and apply sunscreen if we are going to expose a lot of time outdoors.

How to care for dyed chocolate hair

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The process of dyeing is much more than choosing the color. It is also essential to take care that our hair has a healthy appearance and stays soft and shiny for a long time. We give you some tips to keep it perfect without going through the hairdresser.

  • Special shampoo : it is advisable to use a special shampoo and conditioner for our tone and hair type.
  • Quality: when choosing our hair dye colors it is essential to ensure that it is a good quality product. It is preferable to invest a little more than to run into an undesired result.
  • Hydration: it is key to do cream baths or hydration treatments periodically. It may interest you:  How to make a bath of hair cream .
  • Trial and error: if we are not sure what tone to choose, we can start by dyeing some wicks as a test. Then, if it turns out, we can apply it to all the hair. If not, we can repeat the process as many times as necessary.
  • Friends: nothing like the advice of a friend in moments of change of look. Before making a decision that we can regret, it is key to consult with our head stylist.
  • Cut and look: an aspect as important as the chosen tone is the cut and the hairstyle with which we will wear it. There are thousands of options and it is essential to find one that suits our personal characteristics. For this it is always advisable to consult with our trusted hairdresser since it can provide a more specialized and professional look.

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