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How to maintain the tan at the end of summer

With the end of summer the sun, pool and beach time is slowly coming to an end. Returning to the routine implies, in addition to less free time, the loss of our magnificent tan, which has cost us so much to achieve.Today we tell you the tricks we use to lengthen the golden color of our skin, and prevent it from disappearing in two days. If you know of another trick that deserves to be on this list, tell us!

10 tricks to maintain the tan at the end of summer

 #1. Exfoliation

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We begin with a tip to prepare your skin prior to sun exposure. If you arrive late for this year, write it down for the next one, as your skin will thank you. Before exposing yourself to the sun’s rays, you should prepare the skin with an exfoliation of body and face. This will eliminate impurities and dead cells, and your skin will be perfect for tanning.

#2. Ducha with cold water

Although they are very pleasant, showers with hot water should be avoided, since they cause the skin to regenerate more quickly. If you want to prolong your tan, shower with cold water, as it will not only allow your skin not to dehydrate, but also promote circulation.

#3. Dry slowly

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Dry your skin by tapping instead of dragging the towel through your body.

#4. Beware of hair removal

If you have already done the final hair removal, you are in luck, because you will not have to worry about the hair removal method to use that less spoils the tan. The wax is one of the most intrusive, because the skin comes off, and with it our tan. The blade is not a good option either, because if it scratches the skin and causes irritation, even more in end of summer, and will make your tan disappear. The hair removal method that drags less skin is the Philips Brain Silk-Pill or Saltine Ice shaver.

#5. The carrot

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Because of its content in beta-carotene and pro vitamin A, carrots are one of our best allies, both when it comes to getting a faster tan, and to maintain it. Eat carrots help, either raw or in juice. You can also make a body cream, and mask for the face.

#6. Take care of your diet

The carrot is not the only friendly element that helps us to enhance the tan. There are other foods that help for various reasons: they favor the pigmentation of the skin, they are antioxidants, they prevent dehydration and they protect the skin. Among them we find watermelon, melon, cucumber, tomato, blackberries, pumpkin, Swiss chard, spinach, all citrus, kiwi, avocado, walnuts, almonds, salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, cereals, legumes.

#7. Tea infusion

A very natural remedy that allows to maintain the golden color on your skin for longer, is to wash your face with an infusion of tea. You should apply it with the help of a cotton ball, and let it air dry. After application, you must moisturize well so that the skin is not dried, as it is astringent.

#8. Use sunscreen creams

It seems contradictory that to have a more durable tan you have to use sunscreen, but it is not. The way of sunbathing during our holidays influences the duration of the tan. For this reason you should always use creams with high protection factor, which also allow a healthy tan.

#9. Hydrate your skin

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We must always have hydrated skin, but even more so when we are going to expose ourselves to the water of seas and pools, and to the sun. The first thing to do is to hydrate inside, drinking lots of water and natural juices. And then, to avoid skins on the skin, you have to hydrate yourself from the outside, with moisturizing creams or oils in end of summer. Some of the ones we use are Ester Lauder moisturizers. Or Dermatology, Avenue or Is din body creams.

#10. Moisturizing cream with color

Even if you have followed all of our tricks to the letter, still the day will come when we will realize that we hardly have a tan. At that time we can begin to replace our daily moisturizer for one with some color, and you will get to look tanned for some time.

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