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Blue lipstick: who is it good for and how to best apply it

If you are a lipstick fan then you can’t miss the new beauty trend to be discovered: black or blue lipstick for an aggressive look! To each the lipstick, they prefer! By now, in fact, lipsticks are no longer just red, nude, or those brown shades that were very popular in the 90s.

Each of us can choose from many different colors and textures in order to create an always special, unique, and distinctive look.

If grunge or punk are the styles for you, here are all the tips to best apply dark lipsticks.

Blue lipstick: here’s how to wear them

Attention, dark lipsticks are not just for Halloween or Carnival!

Choosing a perfect one for the everyday look is possible thanks to these simple tips.

These dark colors help make your teeth appear whiter and your skin firmer: if you have decided to use them make sure you know how to use mascara, eyeliner, and eye pencil correctly!

To wear black or blue lipstick and be stylish with elegance, there are some precautions that you must absolutely take into account.

First of all, never ever, ever use these shades during the day.

Preferring the use of these shades for nighttime looks is essential to avoid the ” mask ” effect and wear them with absolute elegance.

If you are a huge fan of lipstick and you absolutely want to use it even during the day you can definitely take a look at the shades of red in vogue for autumn 2020.

Making a perfect application is essential for any type of color you choose for your make-up but, it is important to emphasize that with dark colors your lips cannot have even a small imperfection.

So make sure that your lips are perfectly hydrated and free of cuticles.

Before starting, always apply a conditioner, in order to keep the softness for a long time!

The application steps:Blue lipstick

Before the lipstick: a little secret. Black or blue lips only work if they create a truly contrasting effect with the rest of your face.

If, after having hydrated and prepared them, you realize that your lips are still too red or pink, you should… turn a little pale!

Spread some light and fixing powder on the lips to create an even base and make them less colored.

Avoiding dark lipstick on a too hot surface will give you an extremely different (and better!) Effect.

Draw the Outline: If you don’t own a black or blue lip pencil, don’t worry. Generally, any makeup that is good for the eyes is good for the lips too. Always remember to check the INCI code first and check the expiration date before using them.

The same recommendations also apply to the lipstick you are going to use: here are all the tips to check if you have kept it too much in the drawer!

If you are afraid that the texture of your lipstick is too weak you can ” fill ” the lips with a little color from the pencil.

After application: once the lipstick is applied, it will be important to finish it using a gloss.

Black or blue lips, in fact, risk being dull or opaque if they are not illuminated. Choose a lip gloss or a transparent gloss, which you will apply after the fixing powder.

The effect will be incredible!

With the return to the 90s even in make-up, black and blue lips are making a comeback and are perfect to show off for our last evenings in the open air!


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