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Properties and Benefits of Black Tomato

In recent years, the black tomato seems to have been very successful internationally. It is assumed that the black tomato was discovered by some Italian researchers. In the last period, thanks to different researches that I have carried out regarding the black tomato, it emerged that there is a precedent at the Oregon State University in which the “ indigo rose tomato ” was proposed.

The black tomato was developed in the laboratory through a modification to the classic red tomato which, thanks to the help of the sun, gives us a phenomenal pigment that greatly attracts the curiosity of every human being. Used for centuries to see the red tomato as mother nature created it, it leaves us very amazed and full of curiosity.

The black tomato grows exactly like the red tomato. There is no particular cultivation technique and particular precautions. It turns out to be rich in anthocyanins. The anthocyanins are amongst the most important groups of pigments present in plants. Thanks to their antioxidant power, they protect plants from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Anthocyanins are very powerful antioxidants for our bodies and protect us from aging. Aging I bet nobody likes it and black tomatoes are very rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are found in particularly “dark” fruits and vegetables tending to black.

Black tomato curiosity Benefits of Black Tomato

Before it reaches maturity, the black tomato is completely green like a classic tomato. Only when it reaches maturity will its color begin to take on a “dark purple” pigmentation and then a “black” color when fully ripe. There are two varieties one small and one large.

The small variety is similar to “cherry” tomatoes. Black tomato seeds can be found in an agricultural shop or in a simple company specializing in the sale of seeds. More simply, it is possible to order the seeds via the internet and receive them comfortably at home. The seeds of black tomatoes are not genetically modified and have been obtained thanks to a series of “crossings”.

Nutritional facts Black tomato Benefits of Black Tomato

Above you can take a look at the nutritional table for 100 grams of black tomatoes. Let’s see how vitamin C reigns supreme. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants able to protect our body from a countless series of potential diseases, from the simple cold to the dreaded “scurvy”. The health properties of the tomato are known around the world. The tomato is rich in minerals as well as vitamins that can help our body in the fight against free radicals.


Thanks to the potassium and magnesium content, the black tomato, as previously written, finds an ally in anthocyanins and is able to protect us against cardiovascular diseases if consumed regularly.

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