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How to freeze cauliflower

Today, let’s talk about how to freeze cauliflower. If you have plenty of it, perhaps for your own production, or because you found a good offer at the market, you can freeze it while keeping the taste and properties of this winter vegetable intact.

The techniques for freezing cauliflower are simple, you can choose to freeze it both raw and cooked


Wash and cut the cauliflower

Before freezing the cauliflower you will have to wash it thoroughly, cut the buds by removing the hardest stem, and then pass the individual buds under running water to remove dirt and dust residues.

Bleaching (blanching)

The best way to freeze cauliflower is to blanch it for a few minutes, especially in the case of purple cauliflower. This will neutralize the enzymes that cause the vegetables to rot. Then put a large pot of water on the fire and when it boils, pour the cauliflower tops into it, adding a few drops of lemon, in the case of purple cauliflower. Blanch for about 5 minutes and then drain the cauliflower tops.

Cooling and drying

After blanching the cauliflower, let it cool, and then place it on a dry cloth to dry.


When the cauliflower is completely cold you can portion it in freezer bags, or if you want to have detached tops you can first freeze them on trays and then place them in the bags.

Always write the freezing date on the packaging and if you will need the weight or number of cauliflower buds.

Freeze raw cauliflower

Cauliflower can also be frozen raw, the only difference is that after defrosting you will find it a little softer than normal, to remedy this problem, you can throw it still frozen in the pot with hot water, a bit like you do with portioned spinach.

Conservation times

Frozen cauliflower can be stored in the freezer for a long time, for about 6 months.

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