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How to use dry shampoo and the secrets for a perfect result

Dry shampoo is an effective product in case of oily or dirty hair, a remedy to be used as an alternative to shampooing with water to refresh the hair or when we don’t have time to wash our hair. Here’s how to best apply it to fit it into our beauty routine!

For many women, dry shampoo is a product to be used only in extreme cases, it is instead a very useful remedy for those with oily hair and not only. In fact, in recent years it has become a valid alternative to normal shampoo: it makes the hair appear clean in a few minutes, giving volume to the hair which immediately becomes more fluffy. A product that can not miss in the bag and in the beauty to be perfect on every occasion.

Dry shampoo was a widely used product in the seventies, but the formulations were quite aggressive and tended to dry the hair. Today this product has been revisited by all the most famous cosmetic brands, which use in their compositions mainly substances of natural origin that respect the hair. Dry shampoo has in fact become for many women an indispensable product in the beauty routine: it absorbs the sebum from the scalp in a few minutes without drying it, a valid alternative when due to lack of time or laziness we are unable to shampoo with water. . This is a very good product, especially if used in the right way. So let’s find out how to use dry shampoo and the secrets to having perfect hair as freshly washed in no time.

Can dry shampoo replace classic shampoo?

The dry shampoo differs from the classic one because it is used without adding water: it is applied on dirty hair leaving it voluminous and “clean” for about 12 hours. It is usually available in spray or powder form, but you can make your own natural dry shampoo even at home with simple and cheap products taken from the pantry. This type of product is very effective, as long as your hair is not too dirty, and it is a good solution for those with oily hair or cannot wash it every day. In any case, dry shampoo cannot replace shampoo with water as it does not act on the skin but only on the hair, its use must therefore be occasional. Those who only have oily roots can use it locally, always alternating it with the classic shampoo to degrease the skin.

When to use it?

There are particular situations in which dry shampoo is recommended, a wild product to be applied when there is no water or to refresh the style, in all those situations in which it is complicated to wash your hair: on the go, after the gym, to donate volume, when you don’t have time for styling, but also to free hair from hairspray or gel residue with a splash and brush stroke.

How to use dry shampoo and the tricks to know

As we have seen, dry shampoo can be a valid remedy especially when you don’t have time for classic shampoo or you find yourself in situations where it is impossible to wash your hair with water. Dry shampoo should only be applied to dry hair as it would form lumps on wet hair: this product was created to absorb sebum and not water. But, how to use it? And what are the tricks for a perfect result?

How it applies

To make the best use of dry shampoo there are some simple steps to follow. Here are which ones:

  • Comb your hair by removing all knots;
  • if you use dry shampoo in spray, shake the can, spray it at a distance of about 15 cm from the head and spray evenly. If you use the powder or the homemade one, sprinkle it on the upper part of the head, especially on the areas that tend to get more fat, such as the line or the fringe, and distributed evenly with your fingers;
  • let the dry shampoo act for at least 5 minutes (10 minutes if they are particularly greasy) and then remove it with a comb. Then put yourself upside down and brush to remove all the dust residues that could give a matte effect to the hair.

The procedure is really simple even if the use of dry shampoo is not suitable for those with curly hair, as they are problematic to comb, better than use it on straight hair or when you have a fold or a ponytail: the result will definitely be better. However, the advice is to use dry shampoo in emergency cases and no more than 2 times a week, alternating it with traditional shampoo.

The tricks to know

In addition to using it in the right way, there are some little secrets to know to make the most of dry shampoo.

Apply it in the evening rather than in the morning: apply the dry shampoo in the evening, before going to bed: the hair in fact produces sebum during the night, in this way you will give the shampoo time to absorb it by waking up in the morning with fresh hair.

Add essential oil to perfume the hair: if you want to give a pleasant scent to the hair, pour a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice on the central part and on the tips of the hair after using the dry shampoo. Among the recommended essential oils are that of lemon, peppermint, lavender or rose.

To give volume: even if you do not have greasy or greasy hair, you can use dry shampoo to give volume to the hair: spray a little on the roots, turn upside down and comb with your fingers.

To keep hairpins in place: Hairpins are very useful for fixing your hair, but they are often difficult to keep in place, especially if you have just washed your hair. Sprinkle some dry shampoo on a towel and pass it on the hairpins: when you put them in your hair they will not slip off.

To create perfect curls: we said that dry shampoo is not suitable for curly hair, but it can be used to revive it. After having curled them, sprinkle some on all the curls and let it act overnight: the starch contained in the product will prevent the sebum produced by the hair from ruining the curls.


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