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Smokey eyeshadow : Timeless smokey eyes!

Smokey eyes: two words that have become part of the vocabulary (also) of non-professionals – men or women it makes no difference. Yes, because the ” smoky eyes” fascinate not only those who apply make-up every day but also those who dream of it or admire it on the faces of others.

Smokey eyes: what it is

Smokey eyes or smoky eyes. For once two words manage to enclose in all respects one of the most loved and made makeup looks in the world. The smokey, in fact, is characterized by the use of very dark shades which, when combined, give intensity to the look. The classic smokey involves the use of a black or brown base and a shade made with black eyeshadow, usually matte. Today, however, there are many different versions that can be adapted to any occasion or look.

Smokey eyes: how to do it

To make smokey eyes you must be careful not to forget some basic products and steps. For example, apply the primer which can be neutral or of the same color with which you are going to create the darker shade in order to intensify the final effect.

Do not forget also, the eye pencil that will be applied in the inner rhyme to give greater emphasis to smokey eyes and thick color.

A little advice: to create this make-up, after applying the base, it is essential to blend a lot in order to achieve the smoky effect and, for this reason, the classic fall out of the eyeshadow on the cheeks could occur. To remedy this unpleasant inconvenience, rather than eliminate everything with a maxi brush and risk staining the base, you can easily reverse the steps of the classic makeup: first the smokey, then the foundation, and finally the concealer. This way you can also correct any errors or better define lines and colors.

Who are smokey eyes good for? They can show it off almost all types of face and eye shapes. More attention should be paid to the round face and small eyes, close or down. The first will need eye makeup that is more nuanced towards the outside. The latter must be made up with a little eye shadow, possibly avoiding the kajal in the lower rhyme.

To create smoky eyes, of any color and finish, follow these basic steps that will create your look.

  1. Cleanse and moisturize the skin: use cleansing milk, a face cream, and if you can a specific cream for the eye area.
  2. Prepare the base: apply a concealer over the entire eyelid without fixing it, to create a base for your eyeshadows. Define your brows with a gel and an angled brush.
  3. On the outermost part of the eye apply an eyeshadow (in this case matte black, for a classic smokey) with a thick brush, trying to give the direction and length of your eyelid you prefer.
  4. Blend the black edges with a blending brush and brown eyeshadow, for a not too pronounced effect, don’t bring the shade to the eyebrows. Should the black lose its intensity, you can reapply it and continue blending until the desired effect is achieved.
  5. Apply a transitional eyeshadow (in this case, brown shimmer) on the middle part of the lid: it will help you create a transition between black and the next color you will apply.
  6. Use light and bright color, here you see a gold shimmer, to illuminate the center and the inside of the lid.
  7. Apply even lighter eyeshadow on the inside of the eye to highlight. Add a black pencil to the bottom of the eye.
  8. With a small blending brush and a brown eyeshadow, blend the black pencil applied in the previous step.
  9. If you want, you can apply false lashes for an even more intense effect.

Light day smokey eyes

Despite being considered an intense make-up and ideal for a special evening, it is possible to create a light day smokey eyes without much effort. To do this, simply change colors, thus preferring brown and black, and, consequently, go and play on the combinations to create the smokey.

For a day ceremony, for example, you could try combining brown with champagne – bright and light. Among the options for a look to show off every day, also the use of taupe as a base and brown to achieve the gradient effect. The advice is to avoid dull colors and prefer bright and shimmer shades.

Smokey colored eye

Gray and black tones have the ability to make any look magnetic, but have you ever tried to use a little color? In recent seasons, colored smokey eyes are becoming more and more protagonists thanks to the possibility of combining different shades and finishes. From bronze to blue, passing through gray and green, the combinations are so many that you are spoiled for choice.

Smokey eyes black

The most classic version of all and that will never go out of fashion: perfect for an elegant evening, black smokey eyes should be balanced with a clean face and a nude or gloss lipstick.

Smokey eyes gray

Even the smokey eyes Gray is one of the great classics, but you can wear it more easily. Don’t forget a lot, a lot of mascara.

Smokey eyes brown

Are you looking for a smokey that is also suitable for the day? Go for brown using a sheer finish. We like it paired with a gold or bronze pencil inside the eye rim.

Smokey eyes bronze

Perfect for green eyes, the smokey eyes bronze highlights the look thanks to the metallic finish of the eyeshadow itself. The brown pencil is the perfect companion for this smoky look.

Smokey eyes blue

The blue will never go out of fashion and, for this reason, smokey eyes declined in this color is a classic for those who want to try something different. Put aside the matte shades and try it with the metallic finishes: it will amaze you!

Smokey eyes green

Surely it is not suitable for everyone, but if you want to try something outside the box, try the shades of forest green. In this case, you can combine it with brown and a touch of silver to brighten the inner corner of the eye.

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