Recognized around the world for its ability to imitate human language, the parrot is one of the birds with the greatest history and representativeness for the human being, it has been the subject of countless myths, humorous characters, among others. These characteristics that make these birds special have led them to be in danger of extinction in some parts of the world where they live.

Thinking about what the parrot eats can quickly lead us to think that these intelligent birds are vegetarians since we are used to seeing them eat fruits and seeds, however, the truth is that these birds are omnivorous and in the wild their diet can be very variable.

What the parrot eats

When talking about the parrot, we would have to say that the term refers to a superfamily of the order Psittaciformes, being more specific, we refer to the Psittacoidea, which we could classify as the most common parrots, whose dissemination is very numerous and widespread.

These animals are characterized by having curved beaks and considerably wide mobility if we take into account the way in which it is assembled in the skull. The parrot is considered one of the most intelligent birds and its cranial capacity accounts for this since this capacity is extremely wide compared to other birds. They have claws that are very useful for holding onto the branches as they are made up of four fingers, two facing the front and two opposable. These birds have the characteristic of having a plumage of intense color in which most of the cases green predominates, which helps these animals to camouflage themselves with the environment.

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The ability to imitate sounds that these birds possess comes from a habit of socialization since this ability allows them to attract the attention of other groups of parrots, when parrots are domesticated, in their eagerness to socialize they learn to imitate certain sounds of words.

The place where parrots live tends to be very varied, although generally, these birds live in tropical areas and where the temperature is considerably warm; currently, the largest populations survive in the jungles of South America, Australasia, and Central America. Depending on the species, this bird has longevity of between 40 and up to 100 years, during this time some species know a couple with which they reproduce and with whom they pass for life.

Parrots are very social birds, therefore they live in large groups, this quality has been positive for their survival against the attack of their natural predators. Although this characteristic has also earned them to end up as pets in homes, although in some cases it is illegal.

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We could say that the parrot’s diet is essentially fruits and grains, however since it is an omnivorous animal, in its natural state, it can also feed on small insects and some other prey occasionally. Although it should be clarified that the preferred diet of the parrot is based on seeds.

In the like adults, the food they eat babies parrots, or more precisely, the food they eat pigeons parrots often based on a regimen of fruits and grains. As the green parrot is one of the most used species as pets, it is common to find many people interested in the types of fruits that the green parrot eats, however, it must be taken into account that the nutrition of these animals has to be complete in order to meet their requirements, so a diet based solely on fruits is often deficient for these birds.

The basis of the parrots’ diet must be based on seeds of different types, supplemented with this regimen, these birds must also be provided with a source of vitamins and minerals; The latter is achieved through specialized poultry food, although if it cannot be accessed, it can be supplemented with certain types of vegetables such as chard, cabbage, parsley and a large part of green leafy vegetables. The main source of protein for this bird is through grains and vegetables with a high content of this such as broccoli.

There are certain types of fruits that are considered delicacies for parrots, among these, we find mango, papayas, and melons; so these fruits are a great alternative for feeding after the bird consumes vegetables. A proper diet allows parrots to display rich plumage and gives them a more lively and accommodating social demeanor.

Remember first of all that this is a wild bird that is threatened, so the main way to take care of it is not to promote its illegal trade; do not buy birds that are not properly authorized and registered.

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