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Olive skin: problems, makeup and hair colors to enhance it

Olive skin, a particular color that together we will learn today to make the most of it by addressing the small problems you buy and playing with the right colors for make-up and hair.

Everyone thinks you’re lucky: you tan quickly, blackheads and pimples are barely visible and any discoloration is certainly not as obvious as on the most diaphanous faces. In short, having olive skin seems only a matter of advantage. Yeah, it seems.

Never as in this case can it be argued that “appearance deceives”, indeed, it is just appearance. You, who have to deal with your olive skin day after day, you know how many rocks appear in your beauty routine: finding a foundation seems impossible, the powders are always too white, your brown dark circles appear impossible to cover and in the scale of the colors for make-up and hair the limits are almost infinite.

Therefore, given that you will never be blonde and that smokey eyes are just not for you (yeah, falling into vulgar is a moment), what to aim for to bring out the best of that complexion that everyone envies you? today we provide you with a series of valuable tips to make the most of your olive skin .

Light olive skinOlive skin

First of all, let’s dispel a false myth that is spreading, to say the least: olive skin is not necessarily dark skin. That’s why she too gets burned and she too can suffer from conspicuous blemishes such as pimples or blackheads.

To be analyzed carefully to understand how to best enhance our particular variant of olive skin is therefore the undertone. In fact, a similar skin tends to go out and match it with wrong shades will only make it gray. So undertone cold or hot?

We remind you of the trick to identifying it: carefully observe the veins of the wrists, how do they look?

  • If they are greenish, your undertone will be warm
  • If they are bluish, your undertone will be cool
  • If they are an indefinite color you may have a neutral undertone

In general, however, we can say that as regards the hair we can focus on the range that goes from dark blond to light brown. For a more multifaceted color, reflections ranging from mocha to warmer effects, such as golden brown, a mix of golden and coppery, will go very well. Aldi tonics in fact enhance a cold undertone, usually typical of lighter complexions.

For the make-up, on the other hand, try to give light to the person in charge using the shades of pink and, in general, cold shades.

Dark olive skinOlive skin

Here for the hair, it will be good to focus on the darker variants of brown, preferably in cold shades, those that, coincidentally, enhance and light up the warm undertones.

The dark variant of olive skin is the one we all imagine, typical of Mediterranean beauties. Make way for the warm tones that light up the make-up but remember never to overdo it: yours is already a disruptive beauty in itself, you don’t need to overdo it by weighing down the make-up or further darkening the hair.

In general, try to play on your natural shades, always with a view to not graying the complexion but to illuminate it.

Olive skin blonde hair

The blond is not actually a total tabo for olive skin, it is in all honesty the ash-blond because it is not natural, but a coppery or caramel color will be more than welcome because it is in greater harmony with this complexion.

In general, however, it will be up to your common sense to understand when blond should be avoided entirely. The only case of this kind will be for very, very dark olive skins which, therefore, would be unnatural and a little vulgar with this combination, of any shade.

If the complexion, for example, is olive and with a warm undertone, it is better to opt for a golden blonde, which highlights the warmth of the skin and illuminates it in a natural way. Warmer honey will be perfect for a cool undertone.

Olive skin red hair

It is undoubtedly a difficult choice, to combine red, which par excellence enhances porcelain encrusted with olive skin. But sooner or later we all give in to the Easter nuance par excellence, so it’s better to be prepared.

Especially if your skin tends to be darker, the advice is to focus on a burgundy red or a fiery red: the result will never be fully natural but without a doubt, you will get a strong impact.

However, the general rule is to always opt for the more intense and dark variations of red, so as to indulge your natural tones.

Olive skin makeupOlive skin

The main problem to face when putting on olive skin is to give it light. This complexion often tends to have a graying appearance that it will be our task to counter at all costs.

Let’s start from the base with a foundation with a pink undertone, perfect to contrast any gray. However, remember that the base must always harmonize with your natural complexion: it is, therefore, better not to opt for shades that are too light although they must always be illuminating. Even blush is a product not to be underestimated: its task is usually to give the complexion a healthy look, therefore perfect for your needs and here too you can play on the variants of pink.

Midnight blue, black, gray, or plum are the nuances to focus on for eye makeup. The latter is usually a strong point for Mediterranean beauties like you, so enhance them with a touch of atita on the lash line and lots of mascara.

In general, remember that bronze and gold are always your allies: bright but very close to your complexion, they will immediately give it light. Then use them on the floor, highlighter, and eyeshadow.

Olive skin lipstickOlive skin

Let’s get things straight: dark tones are taboo. Classic pink, shocking pink, flesh, orange, crimson and cherry are the colors on which you would do well to bet, guaranteeing a wow effect but without falling into vulgar.

Remember that pink could be your winning weapon if the complexion is clearer while if you are a true Mediterranean beauty you should give orange an opportunity: it will not disappoint you!

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