4 Little Tricks to Achieve an Enjoyable Night With Movie Trivia

There are several things you can do to ensure that your movie trivia night is a success. The first tip is to ensure your game is challenging but not too hard. It is also important to consider your audience. You don’t want to ask a team of sports fans about obscure French cinema, but instead, aim to include a wide variety of popular movies. Your game should also cover a variety of genres and periods to ensure that it keeps everyone entertained.

Diversify The Subject Matter Of Your Quizzes

The best way to keep your movie trivia quiz nights interesting is to vary the subject matter of your questions. It’s not enough to ask your players if they know a lot about Brad Pitt. You need to make sure your questions are fun and challenging for everyone. You can even try linking actors to different movies or genres.

Create a Facebook Event To Promote Your Trivia Night

If you’re planning a trivia night at your theater, creating a Facebook event can easily and effectively draw attendees. Event promoters can use the feature to post a short description of the trivia night and ask friends and family to RSVP. While the number of RSVPs does not necessarily reflect actual attendance, they indicate the number of people who may attend. Facebook events are always a great way to reach out to your audience. Use the feature to invite your regular customers to the event. They can also add content to the event and invite their friends. The power of social media is undeniable, so take advantage of it. Create an official event page and post photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook to encourage people to attend.

Intersperse-Themed Quizzes Between Movies

To make your night with movie trivia more enjoyable, you can intersperse themed quizzes between different films. For example, you could intersperse quizzes on ‘Two and a Half Men and ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral. You could also include quizzes on the best movies of the 1970s. This way, you could keep your night fresh and make it fun for everyone. You could also intersperse quizzes between different genres. For instance, if you were planning on watching a 1940’s drama, you could intersperse a quiz on that movie. Likewise, if you’re a fan of the ’50s, you could intersperse themed quizzes between ‘Forrest Gump and ‘Moulin Rouge.’ This way, you could spend an entire evening with movie trivia.

Keep Everyone Engaged During The Game.

If you’re hosting a movie trivia night, you must know how to keep everyone engaged. You can start by making sure your questions are challenging but not impossible. When designing your questions, remember your audience because a movie trivia night at a sports bar probably won’t be about obscure French cinema. Instead, write questions about popular contemporary movies to keep the game interesting. And you also need to make sure your questions cover a variety of genres and periods, as well.

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