8 Natural Ways to Boost Sperm Count

Scroll down to see eight natural remedies,

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1. Exercise regularly

Being overweight or obese puts you at a higher risk of many health problems. It can also decrease your sperm count and affect fertility. Weight loss is one of the most important measures for higher sperm count. That’s where regular exercise steps in. Studies show that exercising regularly can improve blood flow, increase your sperm count and improve semen quality. Make sure to choose workouts or activities you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick to them, courtesy of

2. Try D-aspartic acid supplements

D-aspartic acid (D-AA) is a form of aspartic acid, an amino acid found in two forms. This particular form, D-AA, is involved in producing and releasing testosterone in the body. Studies show that D-AA has a lot to do with male fertility because levels of this amino acid are lower in infertile men than fertile men. Supplementation with D-AA can increase testosterone levels and sperm count. In one study, three-month supplementation with D-AA elevated testosterone by 30% to 60% and sperm count by 60% to 100%.

3. Quit smoking

Smoking is a bad habit that harms your health in many ways. Besides a higher risk of cancer and heart disease, smoking can also affect fertility. A growing body of evidence confirms that smoking reduces sperm count. Men who smoke moderate or heavy amounts of tobacco have a lower quality of sperm than people who smoke less heavily.

4. Get enough vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C go beyond a stronger immune system and extend to a higher sperm count. Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant, like vitamin E, that neutralizes free radicals and prevents or manages oxidative stress they cause. Oxidative stress can contribute to inflammation and a wide range of health problems. Studies reveal that oxidative stress is also associated with male factor infertility. In one study, infertile men who took 1000mg vitamin C supplements twice a day for two months experienced an increase in sperm count by 100% and sperm motility by 92%.

5. Reduce or avoid alcohol use

Men who have a habit of drinking alcohol regularly may want to ditch this habit. Alcohol can decrease sperm production. The same applies to drugs such as marijuana and cocaine; they can also lead to abnormal sperm. In order to boost sperm count and fertility, you may want to decrease alcohol consumption or avoid it entirely.

6. Manage stress

Stress can decrease sexual satisfaction and negatively affect fertility. Higher levels of stress hormone cortisol are associated with low testosterone. These two hormones act in a seesaw manner; high cortisol lowers testosterone and vice versa. Since testosterone is directly related to fertility and sperm quality, it’s easy to conclude that unmanaged stress can reduce sperm count and contribute to fertility issues. Manage stress to improve fertility and boost sperm count. The options to manage stress are numerous.

7. Consult a doctor to change your medications

Some prescription medications can reduce sperm production. These include opiates, some antibiotics, anti-androgens, methadone, antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, antipsychotics, anabolic steroids, and supplementary or exogenous testosterone. Once you stop taking medications, your sperm count is likely to improve. Consult a doctor before you stop taking prescribed medications. Your doctor may recommend an alternative that doesn’t lower sperm count or affects sperm cell.

8. Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for male and female fertility alike. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, it can increase testosterone levels in the body. Studies show that men deficient in vitamin D tend to have lower testosterone. Additionally, higher vitamin D levels are associated with increased sperm motility. Good dietary sources of vitamin D include oily fish such as salmon, liver, egg yolks, fortified foods, and mushrooms. If you don’t get enough vitamin D through diet, supplementation is a viable option.

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