The benefits of having a custom kit for your football team

Football unites people. Playing as part of a team and having a custom kit creates a sense of belonging and equality amongst both players and fans, encouraging the crowd to cheer your team on to victory. The kit provides the most visible identify of a football club and, the first time a new player dons their shirt, they will feel truly accepted.

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Having a kit portrays your club as organised and sharp. A professional image can bring many benefits, not least by helping to improve the performance of players. If there is a feeling of togetherness and members know they are involved in a professional looking club, they often work harder for each other, which can lead to enhanced results on the pitch.


Choosing football training kits should be a fun activity, and it can really boost team morale if everyone gets involved. You could design your own logos and badges, which will give you a distinctive look, and ask players which colours they would like to see.


The colours are a key aspect to consider, because not only are they are what people will come to associate with your club, but they can have a psychological advantage too. Red is considered the most successful colour in professional football, due to the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal, but opting for a unique colour scheme has the advantage of making you stand out and avoid being mistaken for another team.

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Having a kit promotes loyalty, especially if players are part of the creative process. If player commitment is a problem at your club, asking players to pay for their own shirts is an effective way of reducing the number who drop out mid-season, because they are more invested in the team.

There are many retailers of football training kits around who offer a customised service including printing and embroidery, such as

Buying a strip is one of the largest investments for many amateur clubs, but it’s important not to skimp on quality to save the initial cost. It is better to minimise costs by using the same shorts and socks for both your home and away kit, and opting for black or white shorts and socks means they will match with any colour of shirt.

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