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Staying motivated in a fitness regime is a prerequisite to success

A well toned body does not happen overnight. There are no quick fixes and most importantly it is an effort that you have to put in and you cannot depend on someone to do it for you. However, it is particularly difficult for the ones that lead a sedentary lifestyle and the ones that have been couch potatoes in the past. These individuals may take some time to get the desired results but it is “better to be late than never”. So, the sooner you realize that you have to keep those deadly lifestyle diseases at bay, the better it is.

A lot has been said about how to get well toned bodies, how to reduce abdominal fat, and shed that extra flab. However, in this write up, let us find out how women can get well toned arms. So, read on for a better insight.

Preparing mentally for the change

Seek professional assistance and always make sure that you collect information from an official source. Generally speaking, push-ups have been proved to be effective in getting well toned arms and shedding that flab. Primarily, you will be required to focus on the muscles. For this, concentrate on biceps in the front of upper arms aside from the muscles that oppose them, the triceps. You can resort to dumbbell curls as well as triceps extensions. Most importantly, the triangle push-ups are your best bet for toning the triceps.

Ideally, 3 “upper body workouts” on a weekly basis is what you need. These workouts will usually include the following exercises, which you will be required to do in 3 sets that will comprise 9 to 12 of these exercises:

  • Dumbbell rows
  • Bicep curls
  • Triangle push-ups
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
  • Standard Push-Ups

Although, among the exercises listed above, standard push-ups and shoulder presses will not impact the triceps as well as the biceps muscles directly, however, you can expect to see improvement in the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and back, which are equally vital.

Outcome of the exercises

Although, the exercises mentioned above alone will not be able to give you well toned arms, you will also need to check your diet alongside. Also, the results will entirely depend on the amount of flab you already have at the time of starting the exercises. The ones that have less flab will show results faster as compared to the women that have a lot of flab already.

Diet complements exercises

Exercises, regardless of whether you are targeting the biceps or the triceps muscles are not enough. You will be required to change your eating habits too. Your diet should comprise adequate proteins, leafy vegetables, healthy fats, dairy with low fat products, whole grains, and fruits that will provide the necessary nutrition you require.

Staying motivated

Most of the women give up their exercise regime if they fail to get the desired results. However, patience, perseverance, positive attitude matter the most. And if you have to get that dream figure you have always longed for, don’t give up.

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