Top Tips to Overcoming Stage Fright

The thought of getting on stage in front of a large audience for many people seems like a very daunting task because some people are simply quiet and shy, whilst others may feel extremely self-conscious; being the centre of attention is alien to many, so standing in front of a large audience to talk is certainly not on the top of many people’s bucket list. If you want to become more confident on stage, this unfortunately comes with experience – the more you do them, the more confident you will feel. There are many who do public speaking as a profession and are well known for their inspiring speeches; they spend a lot of their time speaking in front of a large audience. If you would like to gain some tips and techniques from the professionals, then you will want to check out, a well known Conference Speaker who keeps his audience engaged and focused on his words.

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 Focus on the End Goal 

When you are experiencing stage fright it is important to focus on the end goal; what is your purpose for going up on stage? What are you achieving? This can typically be easier said than done because extreme anxiety can cloud your mind, but the important thing is to try and remain calm and think about points that you would like to achieve through your performance/ speech. If you are singing on stage, make sure you know the words, and feel confident to sing it – this should put you more at ease. If you are doing a public speech, make sure to write a script, and practice over and over again; a script gives you something to fall back on if you start to forget your lines and stumble your words.

Identify a Focal Point 

If you are due to perform or give a public speech, then why not visit the venue and stage that you are due to attend? This will allow you to identify a focal point in the back of the room; by doing this, you are focusing and transferring your nervous energy to somewhere else, and it means you don’t have to look at the staring eyes facing you. This should help you to feel more relaxed, and less nervous.

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Relax and Breath 

When you become stressed and anxious, your breathing will naturally shorten, and your body will stiffen; this will most likely come across in your speeches and will make you feel more nervous. Before you are due to go on stage, try to control your breathing, and relax your muscles by taking deep breaths in and deep breaths out; by doing this, you are regulating your breathing, which will help your body to loosen up. If you suffer from anxiety, then there are breathing exercises that you can try.

Believe in Yourself 

Stage Fright mostly stems from feeling unconfident and self-conscious; you are worried about what the audience might think, and you may be nervous about forgetting your lines. Having these thoughts can usually cause you to fail before you start, so it is important to have confidence in yourself and your work. If you are a singer, believe that you can sing, or if you are a public speaker, have confidence in your knowledge and your speaking.

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