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Skin care: How to clean sensitive skin

Skin care– If you have sensitive skin, you are sure that you are tired of anything that makes you react. Take note of these tips to apply them in your day to day and give your skin a break!

 Sensitive skin is an unstable type of skin that reacts easily to any external factors, such as changes in temperature, sun exposure, environmental dryness or the application of some cosmetics. In it tend to alternate periods of dryness and irritation with redness and peeling or rashes. It is also possible that you have a sensitive skin without more or that you have curvaceous.


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The bad news is that sensitive skin is not something that we can “cure” with some treatment, but it is something we have forever. The good? Not only there are many creams or cosmetics to take care of it, but there are also certain habits or tricks that prevent us from triggering a reaction in it. Take note of these tips to maintain and care for the balance of sensitive skin.


While mixed or oily skin care need a weekly exfoliation, for those who are sensitive this is a time of risk. Therefore, it is advisable to do it every 15 days or even once a month. When you do, avoid exfoliating with granules and replace them with a natural sponge or relaxing facial masks. And nothing to squeeze and rub! Make smooth movements and, above all, when finished use a protective and soothing moisturizer that returns comfort to your skin care.


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Forget about buying cheap products anywhere and bet on quality. In pharmacies they have everything from make-up bases to mascara mascara without chemicals and dermatological tested, so they are safe for your skin care. Also, use a corrector according to the type of reaction you have. The greens neutralize the reds, the yellows conceal the dark circles, and the oranges, the blued veins.

We also have to pay special attention when removing our makeup, since we are provoking our sensitive skin care. You can use cleansing milk or mi cellar water, or a syndrome tablet, a cleaning bar that does not contain soap and maintains the pH of the skin without attacking it. The downside of the latter is that if you live in places with hard water, such as the Canary Islands or the Mediterranean coast, the level of water calcification is very high, and this counteracts the benefit of syndrome.

The best tips to take care of your hair in the summer

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Definitely hair can be one of the main victims of the negative effects of the season, such as heat and humidity.

Your hair may dry out, lose shine, become more brittle, get tangled easily, lose strength and increase your frizz this summer and we know you want to avoid it!

So, we give you the best tips to take care of your hair in the summer and show off a sexy and radiant mane all this season!

Moisturizing mask

To increase the hydration of your hair and repair any damage you have, the ideal is to apply a mask at least once a week.

Avoid dyes and discolorations

The summer is not the time of year most recommended to tint your hair or discolor as it could ill-treated and weaker than usual due to heat and humidity that characterize this era.

Ideally, try waiting for autumn to change your look, or do it a few weeks before the summer begins .

habits that mistreat the hair

If you can not avoid subjecting it to dyes and discolorations, we suggest you go with your stylist to recommend the perfect repairing or restorative treatment for you.

trendy accessories and protectors!

Say yes to hats, headbands, handkerchiefs and any other accessory that can cover your hair while you are exposed to the sun .

Do not expose it to more heat!

Another of our recommendations to take care of your hair this season is to avoid using dryers, irons, tongs and any product that directly submit your hair to high temperatures, as the damage they cause during the summer is usually greater than that caused the rest of the year .

Use sunscreen!

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There is a wide variety of hair products with filters or sunscreens, from shampoos and conditioners to creams and sprays that will help you take care of your hair at this time of year and prevent damage to it!

If this is your case, use a make-up remover that does not need the use of water, such as cleansing milk or mi cellar water, and apply it gently with cleansing disks. If this still also causes your skin to become irritated, spread the cleanser directly over the palm of your hand and apply light pressure to a windy effect until the makeup has been removed. To finish, spray some touches of thermal water to soothe and desensitize the skin care.

Sudden changes in temperature cause the blood vessels to expand and contract abruptly, which leads to breakage in the case of sensitive skin. Therefore, if you want your skin to remain comfortable, the contrasts of cold and heat from your gym spa, for example, are not for you. Try also to avoid long exposures to the sun, as well as very dry places, since they contribute to dehydrate and dry the skin care. Sensitive skin also needs to be taken care of from within. Stress, lack of sleep and emotions that we have affect the state of our skin. Try to take things slowly, think of the here and now, and practice meditation or yoga exercises to contribute to your emotional balance. You will see how your skin care thanks you! If you can not disconnect, follow these steps to say goodbye to stress.

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