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Top tips for slimming

Although there are no miracles there are times when some home tricks to lose weight should be considered as they are simple and logical guidelines.

Home tricks to lose weight

No need to resort to complicated diets, demoralizing measures, let alone drugs, pills or capsules. It is permissible, in the first weeks. With a few simple behavioral patterns (daily and lifetime) can have an ideal weight and improve your self – esteem immediately. Aim home tricks to lose weight most important:

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  • You are aware of the problems. Do not expect to make a huge effort a few months before summer and then returning to forget all the bad habits before. You have to know that this is not a temporary table, which is a radical change of understanding the world for life. The challenge worth.
  • You have to move something. Leave the couch and the TV and go for a walk (at least one hour per day), go to a gym, do simple exercises up and down stairs …
  • Do not weigh yourself every day, or every week. Get on the scale only once a month. If you’re losing between 3 and 5 kilos every 4 weeks, you’re right. If less, do not get discouraged and give up. If it is more, much care who comes the dreaded yo-yo effect, thyroid problems, and then nervous attacks! Do not be rushed. Enjoy what has been achieved gradually.
  • Get enough sleep. There are many studies linking obesity with insomnia. If you have trouble entering sleep, take a relaxing infusion (linden, for example), half an hour before going to bed.
  • Eat breakfast! You need to face the day and not pounce on whatever a few hours later. Take small amounts of a protein food: eggs, ham or low-fat cooked palette.
  • Eat sparingly and 5 times a day. Remember needed between 150 and 200 calories to digest a small pear plus a low – fat yogurt and these foods barely 100 calories. You’re eating and consuming calories.
  • Lunch always starts with a bowl of mixed vegetables (as well take advantage of the various vitamins that appear in different colors of vegetables). It can be a low-fat cooked soup or a salad.
  • Be very careful with dressings! You just have to take 2 tablespoons butter or oil a day. Be sharp, measured carefully and do not overdo it.
  • Learn what are the low – calorie foods and incorporate them into your diet: chicken breast grilled, baked fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grains necessary, the desnatados …

Other tips

  • Coffee substitutes tea (of any color) unsweetened much healthier.
  • Keep order and discipline. When you pique the bug, do not set on the refrigerator and you atiborres anything. Ten hand rice crackers or any other product that satisfies with very few calories.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Enjoy! Yes. This is not going to war. This is one of the main tricks to lose weight: just change lifestyle. Set the table with a nice tablecloth, with good dishes, sit quietly and chew food.
  • Do not eat fast. You will fill gas and also consume more of it .
  • Do not throw nap after eating. If you enter drowsiness, get some rest and then go for a walk, to gardening, to make the purchase …
  • Dinner very little with some portion of a protein food. Good ideas are tofu sandwiches, grilled vegetables, white fish cooked without fat …
  • Reduce beer and alcohol in general. Leave it for a very special occasion and always uses the best quality.

Do not forget!

  • Controls the craving for mid – afternoon with some healthy snack ready. You can take a couple of almonds or walnuts (no more!), Low fat, fruits and juices.
  • Get used to healthy tea without sugar. They help keep your body healthy, relax your mind, to deceive the bug and always hydrated.
  • Drink plenty of water (more than two liters) and, of course, lots of food consumed sparingly greasy or high in sugar.

You should consider consulting your GP for medication if you are really struggling to lose weight. Medication like Xenical is a really effective weight loss tablet.

If you put your mind, sure you get it! Cheer up!

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