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What is common between nail polish and a machine? Is it just an anecdote in which the lady made a manicure under the color of the next “Porsche”? Not at all. It turns out that if it were not for the invention of the four-wheeled iron horse, women would still paint their nails with a mysterious mixture of oils obtained from red clay. Yes, yes: apply the varnish is nothing more than a derivative of automotive paint.

He made his debut on the market in the 1920s, at the same time as the bus, and since then, thanks to all the same ingenious men, he has changed a lot – he’s been much more gentle with the nails, dries quickly and keeps for a long time.

Apply the varnish: What color scheme is in fashion?Apply the varnish

In this season, nail polish is the same element of the fashion image as a plastic handbag from Chanel or matte burgundy lipstick. The summer’s hit is dark purple, the color of red wine and ginger, as well as various “ink” shades. But it is such an appetizing gamma that obliges to observe strict rules of the manicure. If earlier it was thought that red and darker varnishes are suitable only for long nails, now everything is not so. Long nails say, stylists, are associated not with sexuality, but with unnecessary aggression, so the correct and, most importantly, neat length of the nail is two to three millimeters.

Is the nail polish harmful?

The question is an anachronism. Lacquer (high-quality, of course) can be used constantly because it necessarily contains calcium and proteins in its composition. But for a full-fledged nail care purchase of one varnish is indispensable. The minimum program is the base and fixer. As a basis, choose preparations with strengthening components, which at the same time protect the nails from the stale pigments. Well, the top coat protects the varnish from chipping. It is better to use the products of one brand. So you avoid the imbalance of the constituent components and unexpected chemical reactions.

How many mass market varnishes are worse than the means of luxury and professional brands?

If you think that cheap varnishes of unknown manufacturers are no worse than expensive ones, you are very mistaken. Of course, cheap varnish dries quickly, but only because its base is volatile and corrosive acetone. The more acetone in the lacquer, the faster it dries and the more harmful to the nails, as acetone dries the surface drastically. And the strength of the varnish does not depend directly on its price, but on the components contained in it. Best are varnishes with mother of pearl and sparkles. Read more: We talk about health and beauty. Stay young and healthy: Sleep, Eat and moisturize.

What shade of varnish approaches to this or that form and length of nails?

If the nails are wide and short, then the varnish is applied with a wide strip on the central part of the nail plate, leaving the side areas uncolored. Give preference to the matte texture, without the inclusion of mother-of-pearl. To visually enlarge small nails, it is better to completely cover them with varnish. In this case, pearlescent and light shades are just perfect. Read more: The 7 Best Healthy Lifestyles Children and Adults

If the nails are damaged by furrows, forget about mother-of-pearl, otherwise, irregularities will become even more noticeable.

And remember the universal rule: for short (2 mm) semicircular nails are suitable varnishes of any shades.

How to choose the right color for the skin tone?Apply the varnish

To a pinkish skin, a varnish of a cold palette will suit bluish-pink, bright pink, lilac, violet. Owners of swarthy skin are advised to pay attention to terracotta, chocolate, chestnut, peach or apricot tones.

How correctly to apply a color varnish?

Do not shake the bottle. Otherwise, air bubbles will appear in it, which will prevent the manicure from being perfectly smooth. It is more accurate to “carefully mix” the varnish by rolling a bottle between the palms. Dip the brush into the vial and remove the excess from its edge. Lacquer nail plate is followed by three strokes. First, with a broad brushstroke from the top down, apply the nail polish to the center of the nail from the roller to the tip. Then, with two confident strokes, paint the nail on the sides. Movements should be smooth, smooth and long, and the layer – thin. Allow the varnish to dry. The ideal option – to apply the varnish in two layers: so its color is more beneficial. More than two layers should not be applied, as the varnish can lose stability.

How to make so that the varnish as much as possible kept?

First, decrease the nail plate with a special disinfectant for the nails: it removes fat and increases the adhesion of the varnish to the nail. And only then apply a protective agent or an equalizing base and allow the nails to dry. After the varnish, use a special “drying”, which happens in the form of a spray and drops.

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