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How to shape nails

The operation of filing the nails is not at all simple as it is mistakenly thought. In fact, let’s see how to file the nails perfectly, because with the filing the nails take the shape you want, eliminating any imperfections and cuticles.

If the goal is to show hands with perfectly manicured nails, filing is a procedure that must be done with care and precision. The advice is therefore not to improvise with DIY and rely on a manicure expert.

Incorrect filing can compromise not only the beauty of the nails but also their health! How are nails filed? There is no universal rule that works always and in any case, but we have collected the advice and tips of experts in the various treatments, such as in the application of semi-permanent nail polishes, to understand how to file the nails of the hands and toes correctly.

How to shape your nails

  1. Choose your favorite shape to give to your nails.
  2. Be careful not to make the mistake of opting for the trendiest nail shape of the moment, regardless of whether it is the right one for your hand.
  3. If the shape of the hand is stubby and with short fingers, the square shape of the nails is not good, because it would make the hand even less tapered.
  4. The square shape of the nails is preferred only if you have long and thin fingers.
  5. Better to opt for a filing that gives a round shape to the nails (which generally looks good on all).
  6. The elongated shape is ideal for those with rather short fingers.
  7. Treating the nails in such a way as to make them all equal and symmetrical to each other: is the goal of a perfectly executed filing.
  8. The width of the nails should be reduced by tapering the corners to prevent them from being pointed and therefore uncomfortable.
  9. Each nail must be filed until it reaches the same shape and length as all the others, eliminating the cuticles and any imperfections that ruin the aesthetics.
  10. The secret to an optimal result is to always use the file in the same direction.
  11. When the nails are perfectly smooth, the filing operation can be considered complete.
  12. For this operation, a cardboard or metal file can be used indifferently.
  13. To complete the process it may be useful to obtain a polishing blade, which gives the finishing touch to the filing itself.
  14. To ensure a better result, it is preferable to treat the nails when they are completely dry.

How to file your fingernails

  1. For the filing of the fingernails it is necessary to use the nail clippers or scissors:
  2. If you are familiar enough, the operation can be carried out effectively using a cardboard file or, alternatively, a metal file.
  3. If you are rather inexperienced, it is better to opt for a cardboard file with a grain of no more than 300.
  4. There are also glass nail files on the market, but being delicate they are more suitable for brittle nails that flake easily.
  5. The movement to be carried out for a correct filing of the fingernails is from the corners towards the center, from the top to the bottom, and finally from the outside to the inside.
  6. Finally, remember to carefully remove the residual dust from the filings and polish your nails well.

How to file short nailsHow to shape nails

  1. Before proceeding with the actual filing, it is advisable to soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes, in order to soften them at the right point.
  2. If there is some residual polish on your nails, wipe it off with a little cotton wool.
  3. Before moving on to the file, dry your nails thoroughly and apply a moisturizer that can soften the cuticles.
  4. If the nails are to be short, nail scissors are needed to work on the length.
  5. Short nails are certainly more comfortable, especially for those who carry out manual work or are a housewife struggling with daily household chores.
  6. I recommend: always follow the shape of the nail, otherwise, you risk weakening them or creating micro-cracks on the surface layer.

How to file square nails

  1. The square shape is one of the most popular.
  2. Before obtaining it, it will be necessary to shape the nails with the scissors and then use the file to give it a definitive square shape.
  3. Start by filing from the center and proceeding on the entire profile of the nail, always in a horizontal direction.
  4. The bevel of the corners is certainly the most complicated part of the work, but it is the one that ensures perfect and elegant squaring.
  5. The external corners must be specially treated to prevent tights and sweaters from slipping off.

How to file round nailsHow to shape nails

  1. The round shape is ideal for those with short hands and rather stubby fingers.
  2. To facilitate the filing operation, it is advisable to keep your hands immersed in warm water with bicarbonate for a few minutes.
  3. To give the nails the desired round shape, you can use a crescent file, which is passed from one end to the other.
  4. The movement to be made is rotational, in the same direction.

How to file oval nailsHow to shape nails

  1. Oval, almond-shaped nails are among the favorites of the stars, who show them proudly on any occasion.
  2. To have a good result, however, it is necessary that these nails are already long enough.
  3. The filing must concentrate mainly on the extreme sides, which must be blunted to obtain an oval-like tip.
  4. It is important that the two sides are filed in a balanced way so that there are no differences.

How to file your toenails

The feet also need to be cared for regularly, to always be aesthetically and functionally perfect. To ensure the health of the feet, a pedicure should be performed frequently, contacting specialized and experienced personnel in this field. Some problems such as calluses, thickening, and ingrown toenails can be avoided with daily foot care and a few simple steps. Below are the instructions for the correct filing of the toenails.

  1. Before proceeding with the filing, wash your feet thoroughly to soften them and apply a specific cream for the extremities;
  2. Cut the nails with scissors, trying to respect the basic shape and avoiding shortening them too much;
  3. Proceed to file the nails using a specific file for the feet: unlike what happens for the hands, in this case, we start from the center and then go towards the corners. The movement to be made is always in the same direction, never back and forth;

Remove the dust residues that settle on the nails after filing and polish the nails with a specific product.

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